Video Email Examples: Recruiting Real Estate Agents

Last Updated August 12th, 2014

Successfully recruiting real estate agents means building relationships. As such, many brokers, owners, managers, and recruiters are using video email to make recruiting touches; it helps agents feel like they know you before you even meet them.

As Career Development Director for RE/MAX Realty 100 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Kim Rogne seeks and finds success recruiting real estate agents with BombBomb. She also reaches out to RE/MAX agents on the team for reminders, training, and similar.

Why She Does It: “There is nothing that I do, marketing-wise, that gets more response than my videos. I have people who come up to me and say ‘when’s your next video?'” Kim tells us by video email.

She’s experiencing what you call – frequency and familiarity – that keeps you top of mind and lets people feel like they know you. Because it’s done well, she’s creating anticipation for the next one.

Basic Tips: “Keep it conversational. Be real. You’re trying to make a personal connection. Don’t read from a script,” Kim recommends. “I insert humor and keep it real … I’m having fun with it.”

Advanced Tips: “It doesn’t have to be your face every time,” she acknowledges. She’s working on bringing her agents into the videos.

And another tip she adds: “Do not provide all your content in the (text part of the) message, because otherwise, why would anyone watch the video?”

Workflow: For these examples, Kim uses her iPad or iPhone to shoot the videos directly into her account, then logs our main online application to put the emails together and send them out.

In other cases, she’ll use her webcam and our Quick Send to send out personal messages.

Click any of the email images below to watch the video.


Recruiting Real Estate Agents – One to Many Examples

As you’ll learn by watching a couple of these videos, Kim isn’t trying to recruit all 3,000+ agents in here area. She has a targeted recruiting list to which she sends monthly messages. Here are a few.

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Recruiting Real Estate Agents – One to One Examples

In these examples, Kim is following up after phone calls or meetings with potential agent recruits. In doing so, she says thank you, reiterates key points from the conversation, and provides a clear call to action.

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Retaining Real Estate Agents – One to Many Example

In this example, Kim reaches out to the RE/MAX Realty 100 agents with a reminder about an upcoming team meeting. A follow up after the team meeting to emphasize key takeaways for both attendees and non-attendees is a nice, related touch to make.

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A big BombBomb Thank You! to Kim Rogne and Jeff Benson at RE/MAX Realty 100 for using BombBomb to build relationships and grow their business and for allowing us to share these examples with you. You’re the bomb.


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