Real Estate Video Gear Guide

Last Updated December 6th, 2016


Wondering how some agents make great videos?

Check out this real estate video gear guide from long-time BombBomb customer Dean Linnell of The Linnell Group – Whistler Real Estate.


Dean joined BombBomb more than 4 years ago. In that time, he’s recorded and uploaded more than 1,500 videos into his account.

Personal one-to-one video emails, monthly market updates, property tours and home walk-throughs – Dean sends it all.

And he records all his videos himself.


Here: a real estate video gear guide in which Dean walks you through what he uses and how he does it.

“I thought I would give real world examples and show you the equipment hands-on.”


Read Time: 6 minutes 30 seconds
Video Length: 20 minutes 9 seconds
Takeaways: See the cameras, lenses, microphone, and other equipment Dean uses and hear how and why he uses them. Even see test shots from some of his cameras.


Real Estate Video Gear Guide


A huge thank you to Dean Linnell for taking the time to put together this guide to his video gear. Watch his video in full immediately above.

The story below provides an outline and takeaways from the video.

Each section notes the in-time for that part of Dean’s video so you can jump straight to that topic or equipment.


What Kinds of Real Estate Video?

Dean produces primarily “talking head” videos and property videos.

In his own words, he does some vlogging, property tours, quick home walk-throughs, one-to-one relationship building videos, and monthly marketing update videos.

That Dean records his own videos affects his video equipment choices. Both of the Canon cameras he uses, for example, have flip-out screens that allow him to see himself.

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Video Equipment Bag – 1:15

Dean packs and carries all his equipment in a Lowe Pro backpack.

In the video you can see exactly what he carries inside the bag and how nicely he packs it all in.

This video pack allows him to take his primary gear everywhere, including his Canon DSLR, lenses, lavalier microphone, remote control, and more. He even takes it mountain biking.

He values the rain protection it provides.

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Canon 80D – 2:05

The successor to the Canon 70D, which Dean also likes, the 80D focuses on faces and tracks them well. His face always stays in focus, even when he moves – automatically.

The flip-out touchscreen allows him to see himself in the shot, so he can frame it up properly.

This camera also allows him to change lenses. The two he uses most: the 50mm f/1.8 and the 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6.

The former is for his talking head shots and provides nice depth of field – the blurry backgrounds it creates allows him to “pop” nicely.

The latter is a zoom lens that provides more flexibility on a tripod, around town, and inside and outside properties.

The 80D also has a built-in microphone jack, so he can plug his mic straight into the camera.

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DJI Osmo – 6:05

The Osmo is a handheld device with a 3-axis gimbal for creating smooth, steady, and stabilized video clips, even as you walk around.

Dean makes a very specific recommendation here. Put up the cash for the version with a dedicated camera in it.

The less expensive version requires that you use your mobile phone camera. By stepping up to the full Osmo or Osmo+, you get better low-light capabilities and a wider video shot. Both of these improvements make real estate video recording of home interiors easier.

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The DJI Go App connects the Osmo camera to your mobile phone, which serves as your video monitor.

Dean reports good battery life – one set of batteries lasts about an hour, which easily allows him to shoot an entire property.

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Canon G7 X – 8:55

A camera that’s always at hand for Dean, the G7 X is a point and shoot with a zoom lens and automatic image stabilization.

It’s small enough to drop into a pocket, has a flip-out touchscreen so he can see himself, and provides a more stable shot than a handheld mobile phone.

Dean finds its quality better than his phone, as well.

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Always in his car, the G7X allows him to record real estate video much more discreetly than his Canon DSLR, which is much larger.

Light and powerful, this camera is popular among vloggers, according to Dean.

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Lavalier Microphone – 11:00

A wired lavalier, Dean’s microphone comes from Giant Squid Audio Labs.

Yes, you can find many wireless microphones to use for your real estate video, but to Dean’s mind wired is simpler. His choice requires less equipment and fewer batteries to carry around and to try not to lose or misplace.

He doesn’t mind people seeing the mic itself, but he does like to hide the wire beneath or behind his top layer. Watch him demonstrate this in the video embedded above.

Compared to the built-in mic on his 80D or GX 7, Dean’s lavalier mic captures a more rich and full sound and helps knock down some of the room echo.

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Canon Wireless Remote Control – 13:50

Just a one minute passage in the real estate video gear guide produced by agent Dean Linnell from Whistler, British Columbia, the portion about the remote control for the Canon DSLR has two time-saving tips.

First, the remote allows you to start and stop your videos without leaning close into the shot, which might change its focus and definitely creates moments you’ll have to edit out of the video footage.

Second, by starting and stopping the video recording with the remote, you can create clips that can be uploaded straightaway in many cases. No editing necessary.

If your camera comes with a remote control, use it.

If your camera has an optional remote control, buy it and use it.

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Teleprompter – 15:00

Dean echoes some of our sentiments on teleprompters in this gear guide; he tries to speak off the cuff as often as possible and use the teleprompter as infrequently as possible.

To reduce stumbles, to help him be more succinct, and to minimize instances in which he forgets what he’s saying, he occasionally uses an iPad teleprompter with the PromptSmart App, which scrolls as you read.

The teleprompter hardware connects to the hot shoe atop your DSLR (watch Dean’s video starting around the 15 minute mark to see it).

Dean cautions that the teleprompter requires additional practice beyond simply getting comfortable on camera; without practicing, you will not sound natural in your cadence and delivery.

He also cautions that you must keep it close to the camera lens so you can maximize eye contact. Nothing’s more awkward than watching a video in which the person speaking to you never looks you in the eye.

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Selfie Stick – 17:25

Dean acknowledges that this can feel like a goofy device, but it’s a helpful one for your real estate video. Especially for Facebook Live videos.

The selfie stick puts the camera farther away than arm’s length for more flattering shots.

Because most have a button on the handle, the stick helps you start and stop the video recording without having to reach over to your smartphone.

It also provides a more stable mobile video shot; holding your smartphone with a selfie stick reduces the camera shake.

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Logitech C920 Webcam – 19:04

When Dean wants to record simple videos from his desk or hold video chats, he uses the Logitech C920 webcam, a model many of us use here at BombBomb.

He finds the video and audio quality to be higher than that coming from the built-in webcam in his iMac.

To control the shot more, he mounts it to a GorillaPod tripod.

Plus: his tripod (pictured below) is strong enough to use with heavier cameras, too.

The webcam works especially well with the BombBomb Quick Send or Gmail plug-in for one-to-one video communication with prospects and customers.

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Bonus points for the Tom Ferry travel mug on Dean’s desk!


Real Estate Video Training Links

As mentioned, Dean produces all of his own real estate video. He’s self-taught.

Here’s a set of tutorials that he found helpful …

How to Use DJI Osmo

Training Videos on the Canon 80D & Canon G7 X

How to Shoot Real Estate Property Video

Grant Johnston’s Real Estate Video Courses

How to Edit Video in Final Cut Pro X

How to Edit Video in iMovie

Ripple Training on Video Editing


The Salesperson’s Guide to Video

Want more tips like these? BombBomb produced the Salesperson’s Guide to Video to help you save time and money by matching the right camera to the right video job.

Get this free PDF with practical tips and educational videos linked throughout.

Get the Guide!


Thank You, Dean!

A big BombBomb “Thank You!” to Dean Linnell for being a customer and advocate of our service – and for allowing us to share these great insights with all of you.

The Linnell Group – Whistler Real Estate

Facebook – Dean Linnell, Whistler Real Estate

YouTube – Dean Linnell

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