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Last Updated August 21st, 2017

A real estate CRM is at the heart of any successful real estate business. Choosing the right real estate CRM for you and your business is one of the most challenging and important decisions you can make.

To help, BombBomb CMO, Steve Pacinelli, and VP of Marketing, Ethan Beute, moderated a webinar with founders and leaders of five real estate CRMs including Contactually, Realvolve, IXACT Contact, Follow Up Boss, and Wise Agent.

This first-of-its-kind, live session, was structured in a way so that each panelist was given a series of rapid fire questions. Some of the questions were asked to all panelists, and some of the questions were only asked to specific panelists. The panelists also shared pricing, gave a live demo of their product, and answered audience questions.

If you would like to watch the full webinar, check out the video below! If you’re short on time, we’ve recapped key questions and times of each of these question in our post below! To learn more about the panelists click here.

What’s the one killer feature that can make someone win their money back instantaneously when using your real estate CRM? (5:19)

Contactually: Push notifications of the people you should be following up with, and specific details on these leads, so that you can say the right thing at the right time. (5:45)

Realvolve: Realvolve offers a powerful workflow program built on templates. Everything is templated out and based on milestone dates. You can create them one at a time, and use them over and over again with every lead. (6:15)

Wise Agent: Brandon first mentions the affordability aspect of Wise Agent. He then goes into the value of the newsletter that Wise Agent creates for their clients to send out every month. The newsletter is branded specifically to each agent, and is easy for each client to send out, and see the ROI. (7:00)

Follow Up Boss: Follow up boss is known for their ability to put all of your leads in one place. You don’t need to juggle all your backend logins, you can just follow-up from one simple system. (7:51)

IXACT Contact: The ability to easily put people into buckets and automated keep in touch, call reminders. Like Wise Agent, Ixact Contact also writes newsletters with fresh content for their members each month! (8:15)

What do you believe is the biggest weakness of your Real Estate CRM? What is something your team is currently working to improve? (10 Mins)

IXACT Contact: Rich mentions that their software’s biggest weakness right now is integrations. He also explains how last year his team decided to invest into improving their integrations, to keep up with the speed of the tech industry. (10:14)

Follow Up Boss: Dan explains that print mail is their biggest weakness. By the end of the year, Follow Up Boss hopes to have a process in place for clients to print address labels so they can send Holiday cards and what not. (11:45)

Wise Agent: Wise Agent has been able to simply grown their business through word of mouth. However, they are now focusing on a marketing strategy to generate more leads, and grow their business. (12:20)

Realvolve: Dale mentions that the biggest feedback Realvolve employees hear is that new clients must go through a slightly lengthy setup process. In response, Realvolve does offer a ton of resources to help their clients get started and now has an entire developer team that is working on improving this process. (13:06)

Contactually: Zvi explains that Contactually is working to improve their reporting capabilities. While tracking is currently a feature that they offer, they are now investing heavily in the ability to enhance their reporting and analytics, specifically for team accounts. (14:34)

As the webinar continues to move forward, Steve asks the panelists to explain who they are and what their real estate CRM can do for agents!

Follow Up Boss, Dan Corkill: 15:36

real estate CRM, sales software, real estate, real estate technology

Wise Agent, Bransdon Wise: 16:18

real estate CRM, sales software, real estate, real estate technology

Realvolve, Dale Warner: 17:15

real estate CRM, sales software, real estate, real estate technology

Contactually, Zvi Band: 18:13

real estate CRM, sales software, real estate, real estate technology

IXACT Contact, Rich Gaasenbeek: 19:05

Who is your ideal customer? (21:28)

We hear all sorts of answers here. Most CRMS mention that they simply represent the everyday real estate agent. We even heard small, medium, and large sized teams as answers.

What’s the role of a CRM in a Real Estate Business? (26:28)

Realvolve and Follow Up Boss answer this question.

Dale from Realvolve mentions the importance of having a system and process planned out when handling leads as a real estate agent.

Dan talks about how people are now spending thousands of dollars a month on online leads and that they believe a real estate CRM can help brokers and agents get a better ROI on those lead.

How easy is it to navigate your real estate CRM? (29:33)

Rich from IXACT Contact discusses how their system is easy to use because the navigation is simple and intuitive. IXACT attempts to do tasks for their customers through lead capture, lead nurturing, automated calendar and task reminders, and their automated and done for you newsletter.

Zvi from Contactually talks about the clean simple interface of their software. The contact database is really easy to navigate, and they’ve even gone as far as to give each of your contacts health scores so you know how and when to follow up with leads.

What’s the most important thing to think about when choosing a new real estate CRM? (13:10)

Rich from IXACT Contact discusses that while ease of use and outstanding support are major functions to look for, agents and brokers should also keep an eye on automation, and quality marketing content.

Dale from Realvolve explains how everyone should always begin their CRM search with the end in mind. What are your biggest goals that you’re trying to accomplish and which of the tools out there are going to help you focus on those specific goals?

What Mobile options / applications do you offer your customers? (35:39)

Contactually and Wise Agent both answer this question.

Agents are often out of their office and need to have easy access to their CRM through their cell phone. Contactually explains their iPhone, iPad, and Android applications and Wise Agent describes their mobile web app.

What other systems or tools does your real estate CRM work with? (37:48)

This section is a must listen! Every CRM explains all of the software that they are currently integrated with to improve their client’s experience.

How and why did you build your real estate CRM? (44:44)

Answered by Follow Up Boss and Realvolve

How are you making sure that your customers are successful? (47:30)

Answered by Wise Agent and Follow Up Boss.

What is the vision for your CRM? Where are you guys planning to go in the next three years? (49:39)

Another must listen portion of the webinar, each CRM explained what their future goals are, and what new doors they hope to open in their future!

Real Estate CRM Pricing:

IXACT Contact: (58:33)
Realvolve: (1:00:19)
Wise Agent: (1:01:21)
Follow Up Boss: (1:02:40)
Contactually: (1:03:20)

Live Real Estate CRM Demos:

Wise Agent: (1:05:01)
Realvole: (1:09:10)
Contactually: (1:12:55)
IXACT Contact: (1:17:32)
Follow Up Boss: (1:22:20)

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about all of our amazing integration partners!

Which CRM was the most intriguing to you? Let us know below!

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