Mortgage Podcast Roundup: 9 Easy Listens For Every MLO to Thrive (Even in a Tough Market)

Last Updated September 30th, 2022

The mortgage industry has shifted from a refi market to a purchase market. And mortgage professionals like you have changed how you do business. Why? Because you know that cultivating and maintaining relationships with your clients, past clients, and referral partners are the keys to success in this more complex and emotional market. But, elements essential to genuine relationships (like connection, emotion, and authenticity) take more time and investment than plug-and-play refinancing — leaving you with less time for, well … everything else. So rather than trying to read page after page of market updates or squeezing in lengthy con-ed courses on social selling or brand growth, why don’t you try listening to a mortgage podcast instead?

You already know podcasts offer the best of both worlds. They give you insight and education that’s easily consumed and digested. And they do this while taking up significantly less time than more traditional learning — leaving you with more time for building relationships to increase pull-through and boost repeat and referral business.

So if you haven’t jumped into mortgage podcasts — why not start now? To make it easy, below are 9 of the best mortgage podcasts that’ll educate, guide, and inspire you to learn and grow — quickly.


1. Loan Officer Freedom

Hosted By: Carl White

Best Ways to Listen: Apple | Stitcher | Amazon

Brought to you by Mortgage Marketing Animals, Loan Officer Freedom is the go-to podcast for practical business strategies you can implement right away. Carl White offers listeners an inside look at ways to work smarter, not harder — touting the advantages of a four-day work week (without trying to sell you anything extra). Regardless of your skill level (just starting or seasoned MLO) and even your title (loan officer or c-suite executive), this mortgage podcast has practical tips for everyone in the industry to help them earn more money and a little more freedom, too.

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2. The Loan Officer Podcast

Hosted By: Dustin Owen and John Coleman

Best Ways to Listen: Apple | Spotify | Google

Looking for content geared towards everyone in your sphere of influence? Then The Loan Officer Podcast is for you. This listen offers more than just conversations around the mortgage industry. It delivers timely and relevant branding, marketing, and sales strategies (and more!) for every advisor helping clients build wealth in and around the home. And not only is it versatile, but it’s also entertaining, engaging, and practical — featuring experts in mortgage, insurance, finance, and real estate. As a bonus, everyone can learn something from Dustin, John, and their guests, making it the perfect topic to share during those initial conversations or while you’re maintaining those relationships with past clients.

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3. Mortgage Marketing Radio

Hosted By: Geoff Zimpfer

Best Ways to Listen:  Apple | Stitcher | Spotify

Growth is the name of the game for Mortgage Marketing Radio. And what better way to scale your business than to learn tried and true strategies to “innovate, adapt, pivot, and overcome” when it comes to marketing yourself and your brand? Featuring guests like Mortgage Pro Sue Woodward and Sales Expert Ari Galper, this podcast considers every aspect of brand growth. Tune in to learn more about everything from cold calling and the sales cycle to social media and content strategies — all in an easily digestible package. With most episodes lasting less than an hour, it’s the perfect listen for those times you’re on the go but still want to push your mind (and your business) forward.

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4. Modern Lending Podcast

Hosted By: Alec Hanson

Best Ways to Listen:  Apple  | Stitcher | Spotify

It’s no secret that the mortgage industry has burst into digital, virtual, and online spaces. And this tragectory has changed the game for almost every loan officer who’s been in the business for over three or four years. So if you’ve been looking for the best way to leverage technology and make it work for you, Modern Lending Podcast is the listen you’ve been waiting for. Host Alec Hanson dives into the nitty gritty of the modern mortgage experience with a mix of passionate guests to help you navigate a digital lending era and inspire you along your professional journey.

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5. The Customer Experience Podcast 

Hosted By: Ethan Beute

Best Ways to Listen: Apple | Amazon| Spotify

Not every podcast for you is going to be for lenders by lenders. And this is one of those examples. The Customer Experience Podcast hosted by Ethan Beute tackles everything CX. From creating a memorable experience that drives long-term, healthy business to the best way to communicate across the digital divide, Ethan takes listeners on a journey through the series of touchpoints that create the CX. Featuring revenue leaders in mortgage, real estate, sales, marketing, communication, emotion, and more, Ethan’s passion for creating an exceptional customer experience is contagious — leaving listeners with only the best and most tangible ways to exceed customer expectations in a more personal and human way.

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6. Mortgage Connects

Hosted By:  Stephanie Budnik and Concepcion Guerrero

Best Ways to Listen:  Apple  | Stitcher | Spotify

With an extraordinary focus on diversity and inclusion in the borrowing space and the office, Mortgage Connects does exactly what it says it will: It connects. Hosts Stephanie Budnik and Concepcion Guerrero don’t shy away from hard conversations. In fact, they welcome them. With a variety of guests — everyone from loan officers to CEOs — Stephanie and Concepcion address common challenges faced by borrowers and LOs alike in the face of adversity. But they don’t stop there! Stephanie and Concepcion engage in these meaningful and important conversations, all while examining market trends, the future of the mortgage industry, and more!

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7. theREsource podcast

Hosted By: Ryan Hills

Best Ways to Listen:  Apple | Website

Like a college course in and of itself, theREsource podcast is high-level podcasting at its finest. Striking the perfect balance between mastery and the practical, host Ryan Hills addresses everything real estate and mortgage. From straightforward episodes around current market trends and prospecting to in-depth Masterclasses covering niche topics like content creation and building your team, Hills is an expert. And he and his lineup of equally impressive guests (he often cohosts with industry legend Todd Duncan) have much to offer. In fact, this one is the perfect listen for anyone looking to dig in deep without paying the hefty price tag of a con-ed course.

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8. Open House Podcast: Where Women Talk Real Estate

Hosted By:  Kristina Modares and Steph Douglass

Best Ways to Listen: Apple | Spotify | Amazon

Understanding your borrower’s mindset in a deeper way is vital to your success in the mortgage industry. Open House Podcast: Where Women Talk Real Estate, hosted by Kristina Modares and Steph Douglass, covers all things (you guessed it) real estate. From property investment to first-time home buying, Open House gives you a more in-depth look at some of the hurdles, complexities, and emotions faced by buyers today. Featuring diverse guests, Kristina and Steph work diligently to expand the voices of real estate experts beyond the traditional.

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9. Rookie Mortgage Broker

Hosted By: Scott Peckford

Best Ways to Listen:  Apple | Spotify | Google

Everyone has to start somewhere, right? So, why not start with Rookie Mortgage Broker? Host Scott Peckford is working to change the game for newcomers in the mortgage industry. And he’s doing this by guiding them with advice from industry professionals who, just like the audience, are new to the game but have already pulled through some impressive wins. With topics like discovery, easy-to-make mistakes, increasing your agent referral business, and more, every listen leaves the audience with ready-to-implement strategies when they’re just starting out.

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Ready For an Exciting Mortgage Podcast Bonus? 

You already have an awesome list of the best mortgage podcasts to help you succeed in a challenging market, but there’s one more worth checking out — Bombcast!

Hosted by video, social media, and empowerment expert Rea Ross, Bombcast features killer strategies from people just like you who are getting face to face with their clients and referral partners more often with less effort.

Episodes of Bombcast are mercifully short. So while you refill your coffee or water your plants, spend a few minutes with Rea. She and a myriad of mortgage, finance, real estate, and insurance experts will walk you through how professionals like you use BombBomb to build trusting relationships during the moments that matter most to their clients.

Subscribe and listen to Bombcast on YouTube!

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