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Last Updated October 9th, 2018

There are hundreds of articles on how to increase your sales email open and engagement rates, but not many on how to increase your sales email response rate.

But think about it – how often are you sending cold emails and getting a reply? Probably far less than you hoped. In fact, you most likely have many days pass by when you worry if your cold reach out is even worth the trouble.

Most of our customer were in that same boat. As sales professionals of some kind, they are used to reaching out to cold leads. The reason so many of our customers love video email is because it gives them the opportunity to produce a response, a reply – a Reaction. And we’ve increased the likeliness of that feedback loop with our latest product – Re/Actions!


Introducing Re/Actions – A New Way to Increase Your Email Response Rate

Likes. Retweets. Shares. Instant feedback … with a single click.

That’s the direction our world is moving. That’s the standard that so many of us have become used to in a social media driven world.

But that’s not a bad thing! And with our latest product release, Re/Actions, we’re giving the people you’re reaching out to the ability to instantly respond to many of your videos with both a message and the ever-famous “like.”



How can Re/Actions help your business?

Picture your clients receiving a video from you. Maybe they’re in a meeting, or even traveling. While they might not have time to write a full response, they can “like” your video, allowing you to better understand their level of interest while you’re top of mind.

Our job is to get you more replies and responses, and we made that easier by reducing steps taken to respond. With both our “like” feature, and your clients new ability to respond directly inside your video, you will increase your response rate significantly.


How does Re/Actions work?

With Re/Actions, we have upgraded our video player so that it includes an easier way for your clients to reply to your videos, and even give instant feedback by “liking” your video. When you send a video to one recipient or a group of recipients, they will now see a different look on your video. After having watched the video in full, a grayed-over screen will then appear over your video with two options: your recipient can “like” the video by clicking the heart option, or they can send a reply by clicking in the “Write a reply…” box, typing their note, and hitting “Enter” or clicking “Send.”

response rate

You will then receive an email for each “reaction” a recipient has had to your video! If your recipient has “liked” your video, you will receive an email showing a heart icon with a message that whoever you sent your video to has “liked” a video.

response rate

If your recipient has replied to your video, you will also receive a separate email. The email will show a speech balloon icon with a message that whoever you sent your video to has “replied,” and it will include the message that your recipient has replied with underneath.

response rate


What sparked Re/Actions creation?

A little event we like to call Hack Week here at BombBomb. Hack Week is held each March, and our Development Team was given one week to work on his or her own or to team up with others to create something. Anything. Whatever lights their fires.

The winning presentation from Hack Week was you guessed it – Re/Actions. Re/Actions was the brainchild of VP of Product, Michael Park, and Senior Software Developer, Jeremy Kelly created. You can watch the full presentation here.

While their idea had some enhancements that our current product has yet to contain, the product team chose to breakdown the original idea and create a “minimum viable product.” Which means the product has just enough features to satisfy our early adapters, and allows us the time to collect feedback and continue to improve what we’ve created.

response rate
VP of Product, Michael Park

response rate
Senior Software Developer, Jeremy Kelly


What People are Saying About their Improved Email Response Rate

Jeff Wagner, Mortgage Video Influencer, and Loan Office from One Trust Home Loans is one of our BombBomb Insiders. BombBomb Insiders test our product releases before they go live to our entire customer base.

Jeff has been using Re/Actions longer than most people and has already gotten a feel for how it works. He did some math for us and determined that of the last 134 video emails he has sent since using Re/Actions, he received a response from 46 of them. This gave him a reply rate of 34%. The average outreach emails receive anywhere from a 5-15% reply rate.

He sees this as another touch point from the people who has responded positively to his videos! When he sees the like or quick message come through, he picks up the phone.

See Jeff’s full response in the video below!


Ready to Increase Your Sales Email Response Rate?

We know you’re going to get serious value and benefit from this new feature. If you’re not yet using BombBomb, you can try it today absolutely free for two whole weeks (no credit card required) by clicking right here.




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