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Last Updated February 26th, 2019

The BombBomb Video Chrome Extension makes generating replies, link clicks, and scheduled appointments with decision makers easier and more efficient than ever by injecting personal videos into your Outreach sequences and one-to-one emails.

With the BombBomb Video Chrome Extension, you can quickly and easily record yourself, your screen, or a combination of both, and embed those videos into your Outreach emails to humanize your sequences and scale your best sales asset: YOURSELF.

As salespeople, you are naturally at your best when you are in person. Unfortunately, time and distance rarely allow you to conveniently get face to face with all of your prospects. Sending videos through is the best and easiest way to close this gap and make your sales prospecting emails just as effective and engaging as in-person meetings.

So if you’re ready to go from a faceless block of text that goes easily ignored by decision makers to a real person who stands out in a crowded inbox, continue reading to learn 3 simple steps to humanize your Outreach emails with personal video.

how to send videos through outreach

Step 1: Record or Select Your Video

Once you’ve downloaded the BombBomb Video Chrome Extension, pressing the BombBomb logo in your extension toolbar will immediately activate the BombBomb Video recorder without leaving your Outreach tab.

Within BombBomb Recorder you can:

how to send videos through outreach

  • Start a live webcam recording
  • Record your screen
  • Select a video from your library
  • Change your camera/mic settings

To get started, either hit the center Record button to start recording with your webcam or the Screen Record button on the left to record your screen (and yourself at the same time if you’d like). When in Screen Record mode, you can:

  • Appear in a bubble that’s positionable anywhere on the screen
  • Flip back and forth between you being full screen or in a bubble
  • Close the webcam bubble so you don’t appear at all.

Time Saving Bonus: BombBomb’s patent-pending video uploader encodes your video while you’re recording it, eliminating the time typically spent waiting for your video to upload to the cloud before being able to send and play it.

Step 2: Choose Your Thumbnail

After you hit stop on your video, you’ll be given the options to Save, Re-Record, or edit your video thumbnail. By default, your BombBomb Video thumbnail will be a looping Animated Preview of the first three seconds of your video.

how to send videos through outreachIf you’d like apply a custom, still-image thumbnail to your video, you can capture a new thumbnail with your webcam using the “Thumbnail” button. Hovering over the button will activate your webcam and clicking “Thumbnail” will instantly capture and save a new image. This can be done unlimited times until you’re happy.

Whenever you’re ready, click “Save.”

Note:  Regardless if you use an animated preview or still-image, BombBomb Video will always clearly display the length of the video on your thumbnail. This instantly shows your recipient the time commitment required to watch the video from start to finish. We’ve found that our Animated Previews combined with the timestamp generates 49% more clicks than your average, still-image thumbnail.

Step 3: Copy and Paste

Once you’ve chosen your thumbnail and saved your video, it’s time to insert your video into an email. You can insert the video in two different ways:

  • Video thumbnail
  • Video URL

Both methods will instantly direct your recipient to the video landing page upon click.

BombBomb Video landing pages are always whitelabeled. The only thing on the page is your video because you should be the recipient’s entire focus and nothing else. No BombBomb branding, no distracting links or images, no ads or suggested videos, just you and your unique message.

how to send videos through outreachCopy & Paste Video Thumbnail

If you’d like to “embed” your video into an email, click the “Copy HTML” button. This will copy the video to your clipboard, allowing you to Paste it into your Outreach email. Doing so will result in your video (either still-image or animated thumbnail depending on how you saved the video) being inserted where your cursor is located.

Copy & Paste Video URL

If you’d like to send your video in the form of a link, click the “Copy URL” button. This will copy the short URL for your video landing page to your clipboard, allowing you to Paste it into your Outreach email wherever your cursor is located.

If you’d like your video to appear in your recipients inbox wrapped in a branded email design rather than on a plain-white email, you can use the “Send” button within the BombBomb Video Chrome Extension to include images, CTAs, and any other design element you can think of. Note:  This is available to subscribers of the BombBomb Video Marketing Platform using our landing page composer.


Whether you insert your video as a URL or a video thumbnail, a recipient playing your video will register as a link click within the Outreach tracking feed.


If you’d like to be able to record and send videos like this while on the go, you can leverage the BombBomb Inbox app for iOS and Android to get face to face no matter the time or place.

Want to get a demo and try BombBomb Video in Outreach for your team? Request a Demo here to get started.


Taylor Wagner | About The Author

Taylor is the Enterprise Marketing Manager at BombBomb. He's passionate about hiking & mountain biking, eating lunch before 11:00am, and of course using video for effective business communication.