How To Sell More Cars With Automotive Video Email (Just Like These Top Dealerships)

For over a third of car buyers, the shopping journey ends after visiting only one dealership. That’s all it takes. So, how do you make sure it’s yours they visit? You need to leverage automotive video email across your team.

And in a hyper-competitive industry full of loud voices, you need to be louder. Ad campaigns and billboards can only get you so far. Your sales team needs to get face to face to stand out.

But time is money in the automotive industry.

To reach your customers “in person” in a fast and scalable way, video email is the way to go.

How To Sell More Cars With Automotive Video Email (Just Like These Top Dealerships)

Getting your team to use video email into their automotive video marketing is tough. And as your dealership’s tech stack grows, the harder it becomes.

But automotive video email is such an easy tool to implement.

There are so many types of automotive videos your team can send to potential customers, and internally. Here are five ways car dealerships are sending video emails…

1. Lead Response Car Dealership Videos

Car shopping is done online now. Because buyers are looking for a car – not a dealership.

So, as your online leads pour in, send them a video. That’s what the sales team at World Car Mazda in New Braunfels, Texas, does.

One of their salespeople, Kelsey, reaches out to each lead with an automotive video email like this one…

It grabs people’s attention when they first start the car buying process. Because they’re not just getting another plain-text auto marketing email. They’re connecting with a real person, just like them.

So, when Kelsey’s customers come in for a test drive, they’ll feel like they already know her.

Sure, sometimes there are too many leads to reach out to with one-on-one video messages. But if your team uses automotive video email as one of their sales automation tools, they can still send videos to each lead. And they’ll still have a personal touch.

They can do this by pre-recording lead response videos that are sent automatically to any of their online leads. So, they’ll receive a response right away.

That’s what will drive them into your dealership, so they drive out in a new car.

2. “Thanks for Stopping By” Video Emails

A little bit of gratitude goes a long way. Orangeville Chrysler LTD in Ontario, knows this.

That’s why their team members send thank you videos to customers after they stop by the dealership. Like this one that their sales consultant, Austin, sent…

He thanks the customer for coming into the dealership and test driving a truck (while showcasing the same vehicle in the background of his video).

And he lets the client know another car is on the way for a test drive.

People aren’t only numbers to him. Because he’s taking the time to follow up on each specific interaction, and express genuine appreciation for the business opportunity.

So, even if the customer didn’t leave with a car this time, it doesn’t mean they won’t at all.

Tell your car dealers to send an automotive video email thanking clients for their time. Whether they walk out with or without a vehicle. This is how you earn loyal customers.

3. Manager Follow-Up Videos Automotive Videos Before Purchase

Managers should follow up and thank customers for their visit with a video email, too. It adds an extra layer of genuine care to build trust.

And this is exactly what Jason, General Manager of Rohrich Lexus in Pittsburgh, does for his clients. The clip below is just one automotive video email of many that he’s sent out…

By checking in with clients after they interact with your employees, you are giving them the customer experience they deserve. An experience that will make them want to come back and buy a car.

Even if they didn’t sign on the dotted line the first time.

4. Follow-Up Car Dealership Videos After Purchase

Great, you’ve sold the car! But that doesn’t mean you forget about the customers. Odds are they’ll need a car again or need service on their current one.

Sending an automotive video email to follow up after their purchase is a fantastic opportunity to reach out. It allows you to show gratitude, while opening the door for future business opportunities.

Luke, a MacMaster Buick GMC Sales Consultant, touches base with customers after a sale with a video. And he brings his manager, Doug, into the mix, too. See how he does this in the following video…

They’re showing the customer that they value them. Even after they buy a car.

They are thankful for the business, and want to make sure the client is happy with their purchase.

Doing something like this will win you lifelong customers. Because you’re making a lasting impression to stay top of mind.

5. Internal Dealership Update Video Emails

But your automotive videos don’t have to be limited to just customers. You can send video emails to keep the whole dealership informed of sales wins, leads generated, and more.

Stephen, Internet Sales Director at Mike Calvert Toyota in Houston, sends video updates like the one below on outbound sales efforts, appointments set, leads by inquiry category (used/new car), etc.

It’s an awesome way to keep everyone in your dealership in the loop, while celebrating the success of your team members.

So, there’s alignment across your business. And you’re encouraging everyone in the process.

Happy employees lead to motivated ones. And motivated employees lead to more cars sold.

Incorporate Video Email in Your Dealership for More Closed Deals

If your dealership already has BombBomb but your team hasn’t sent very many video emails, encourage them to do so with the automotive video email ideas in this post.

They can also try these car sales email templates (or better yet, turn them into a personal video message).

And if your car business isn’t using video email yet, you can test out the examples above in your car sales prospecting with a free 14-day BombBomb trial here.

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