Should You Embed Videos in Email?

Last Updated September 9th, 2019

Acquiring new customers is not as simple as flipping a switch for your sales funnel to be live. As much as you’ve plotted out your customer’s path to action and considered every move, this won’t ensure high conversion rates, lower bounce rates or sales increases. But if you embed videos in email, you will see the results you’re looking for.

The video below shows you why and how video email works, using BombBomb. And keep reading the article that follows for proven reason why video in email works, detailed ways to embed video into email and more.


Lights, Camera, Action – Why Embed Video into Email?

Video email has a compelling way of fostering engagement, yielding results like click-throughs, shares, lead generation, and sales. As we at BombBomb have been driving home again and again, video in email is one of the most important marketing tools in your sales arsenal, and wields the potential to bring more exposure to your brand while helping you achieve your bottom line. Here are some statistics on video to get your mind buzzing.

• 73% of homeowners say they’re more likely to list with a Realtor who offers to create a video for them, but only 4% of agents put their listings on YouTube.
• Video in an email leads to a 200-300% increase in click-through rates.
• 90% of users say that product videos are helpful in the decision process.
• Companies using video enjoy 41% more web traffic from search than non-users.

From lead generation to testimonials to tutorials, there are so many ways video can help you communicate more effectively in your business. The fact is several people are finding success with video email. And it’s because you’re more engaging in person, and so is what you’re trying to sell.

Casual, conversational videos allow you to communicate in a more authentic and transparent way and build stronger relationships in your business. Once you have the video created, hosted, and ready to share, it’s time to embed. Let’s take a look at how to embed videos in email like a pro.

How to Embed Video in Email

Take 1: Choose a powerful image.

If you’re like us, you don’t necessarily want a video to start playing the moment you open the email. Plus, not all email applications are equipped for video. Email applications, like the native iOS client, Apple Mail and the Samsung email client will allow recipients to play your video within the email client itself. Other clients, like Gmail and Android devices, will display a fallback image. That’s why you need to create an appropriate thumbnail for your video first.

Whether it’s a screenshot of the first few seconds of the video or an image or animated GIF specifically designed for this purpose, you have plenty of options. Then you simply add a play button over the static or animated imagery to link the video content. The main goal here is to set the stage for what the viewer is about to watch and make them want to click play when you embed videos in email.

Take 2: Link the thumbnail to your hosted video.

You’ve nailed down the thumbnail and now it’s time embed a video in email. Where is your video hosted? YouTube? Vimeo? Knowing how to attach video to email depends on which software you’re using, but you can easily use a specific landing page or link directly to the platform where your video is hosted.

Using an email account like Gmail? If your video is smaller than 25 megabytes, simply click the paperclip icon at the bottom of the email window, select a video, and click “Open”. If it’s larger than 25 megabytes, click the Google Drive icon instead of the paperclip, select your video, and click “Insert”. A much simpler way to do this is by using BombBomb’s Gmail integration, which allows you to embed videos in email directly within your inbox.

If you’re looking into embedding a YouTube video in an email, simply copy the YouTube video’s URL and paste it into the email. Your email will display a video player for the video once it’s opened.

Using Outlook to embed video into email? Open the video, click the URL, right click and select copy. Next, create the email and paste your link into the body. You can also do this using BombBomb for Outlook.

Take 3: Get them to click play.

embed videos in email

You may have created an Oscar-worthy sales video, but it won’t do much for you if nobody watches it. So how do you get them to click play when you embed videos in email?
Seriously consider the subject line. Using the word “video” in your subject line can your open rate up to 19%. Try something like, “Three reasons why you shouldn’t play this video…”
Avoid SPAM language. FREE! Big $$$$! Get paid! These words and phrases are considered SPAM triggers and should be avoided, not only in subject lines, but throughout the email copy.
Share useful information. Don’t create an email or video just for the sake of staying connected. Consumers prefer meaningful information that delivers benefits and is worth their time. Fluff is frowned upon.

Take 4: Include killer copy.

Maybe your email recipient doesn’t have time right now to watch the video. This is why it’s crucial to tell them exactly what the video is about in the body of the email. You know your target audience best. Identify the most important aspect of the video and turn that into copy that will generate video plays. For instance:
“Learn how Bill Smith generated more income by embedding video in his sales emails.”

Take 5: Include a call to action.

What do you want the viewer to do once they’ve watched the video? Every embedded video in email should have a purpose and a desired action for the viewer to take. Do you want them to call you for an appointment? Come to an open house? Meet with you for a complimentary financial consultation?

Create a call to action that’s clear and compelling, but keep it limited. Too many and the user may become confused or overwhelmed (or worse, annoyed!).

And Cut. That’s a Wrap.

While it’s possible to embed a video into email as we just discussed, it’s quite cumbersome. The fastest and easiest way to get more results from your email marketing is to partner with BombBomb. Whether you’re sending your video to one prized prospect or to thousands of beloved fans, we give you:

• Videos without attachments, links, or downloads for immediate viewing capability
• Animated previews so viewers see you right away
• Flexibility of hosting videos of any length, up to an enormous 2GB in size
• Speed to video – the fastest video encoder on the market (patent pending.)
• Playability (Is that a word? It is now!) on any device

Not only will you get more replies and responses, you’ll build trust faster, convert more leads, and generate more referrals. How do we know for sure? Tracking and analysis, of course.
BombBomb bombards you with:

Tracking of each and every engagement, whether it’s one person or many people at the same time
• Tracking of summaries, relationship scores, list segments on actions and non-actions, and tons of other insights
• Live alerts, notifications, reports, and more, detailing when people open, click or play your video

The result? You get:

• Powerful insights to use to follow up with prospects and customers more efficiently and effectively
• The opportunity to spend more time on the people who are truly interested based on their actual behavior, instead of those who aren’t
• The knowledge needed to prioritize your follow-ups

No matter the channel of your digital communication, a simple video makes it more human, clearer, and more effective. Let BombBomb help you stay top of mind and improve your bottom line.


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