5 Ready to Use Email Templates for Car Sales Professionals

Last Updated August 30th, 2019

The secret to a dealership’s success is marketing.

While impeccable service, an impressive lot, and customer-pleasing deals are crucial in driving a sale, getting your leads to actually come by in the first place is step number one.

And when it comes to marketing for car sales professionals, few tactics are as vital to success as email marketing.

But while you may have a silver tongue in person, putting your persuasive words into writing is another beast entirely.

Luckily though, we’ve put together a number of car dealer email templates that do the work for you. From car sales follow up email templates and first-touch welcome messages to service reminders and birthday messages, these templates will make your email marketing efforts a snap.

First, A Few Email Marketing Stats to Think About

Email marketing is without a doubt one of the best ways to engage with your audience and give your monthly numbers a kick.

While commercials, newsletters, and snail mail can certainly increase your exposure, email—especially video email—provides a direct route to interacting with your prospects. It’s cheap, highly flexible, and allows for significantly more personalization than other marketing tactics.

And if you aren’t focusing on your dealership’s approach to this invaluable tactic, you’re missing out.

Here are some stats to give you an idea of just what a car sales email marketing strategy can do for your dealership.

  • The automotive industry has one of the highest email open rates (around 27%) among any industry, making it an especially important and effective means of marketing.
  • Email marketing is largely responsible for customer acquisition and retention among 81% and 80% of survey respondents. That’s 20% more effective than organic search and almost 40% more than social media.
  • For every dollar spent on email marketing, the average ROI is about $38.
  • Research shows that the overwhelming majority of Americans actually want to receive promotional emails. Around 86% prefer it on a monthly basis, almost one third want them every week, and (surprisingly) around 15% of your customers would like to receive a promotional email each and every day.
  • Welcome emails in particular drive more revenue than other emails – 320% more revenue in fact.

5 Car Sales Email Templates That Work

The car sales email examples below are crafted to both solicit interest in your audience and to be easily adjustable to your specific business. If you want more examples, we’ve found these videos to be effective for your sales team as well. Feel free to get creative with them to add some personality if you’d like. Or, simply insert your name and other vital info in the designated areas for an even quicker start.

Either way, incorporating these templates into your customer experience emails is a great way to boost business and spark interest.

So, without further ado, here are the 5 best car dealer email templates to bring in more buyers and up your sales.

1: The Intro (a.k.a. “First Touch”) Email Template

Whether this email is sent in response to an information request or signing up for your newsletter, the trick to your first contact is keeping it friendly, inviting, and especially low-pressure.

This is not the time to be pushy or overly salesy. Doing so might lead to immediate unsubscribes and losing your valuable lead entirely.

The template below keeps things light while still starting off the relationship strong.

Thanks for your interest in the [VEHICLE MAKE AND MODEL]. It really is one of the best cars on our lot.

I’m happy to tell you more about some of the special features that make this car such a great vehicle. Are there any specific questions about the [VEHICLE MAKE AND MODEL] that I can answer for you?

Feel free to respond to this email to let me know how I can help or you can call me direct at [(XXX) XXX-XXXX].

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

As always, feel free to add some personalization (hint: a video is a great way to grab attention)!

But again, don’t come off too strong or you risk losing their interest altogether.

2: The Sale Follow-Up Email Template

Runner up to the welcome email template in terms of email type importance is the car sales follow-up email template.

This email in particular is especially important since customer retention is one of the top concerns for 64% of dealers. And if it’s done right, it can mean you’ve got a return customer for life.

Thanks so much for your [VEHICLE MAKE AND MODEL] purchase! We know you’re going to love it and we couldn’t be happier that we’re the dealership you chose to do business with.

At [DEALERSHIP NAME], we’re committed to ensuring each and every one of our customers is 100% satisfied with their new vehicle. That’s why I thought

I’d check in to make sure everything’s going great with your new [VEHICLE MAKE AND MODEL].

If there’s any concerns at all, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Feel free to reach out via email or call me anytime at [(XXX) XXX-XXXX]. And just as a reminder, [INSERT ANY AFTER-SALE COMPLIMENTARY SERVICE OPTIONS INCLUDED (i.e. free oil changes in first year, complimentary tune ups, etc.)].

Thanks again [CUSTOMER FIRST NAME] and enjoy your brand new [VEHICLE MAKE AND MODEL]!


3: The Service Reminder Email Template

This is the perfect time to mention service coupons, tune up options, and to check in on how the car (and customer) is doing in general.

But once again, take the approach of being helpful more than salesy here. After all, the customer isn’t soliciting information, you’re just providing it as a courtesy.

How’s your [VEHICLE MAKE AND MODEL] running? It looks like it’s about time for a tune up according to our system, so I wanted to check in and make sure everything is still running smoothly.

I’m here to help so if you hear any new funny noises coming from your [VEHICLE MAKE AND MODEL] or it just isn’t handling like it used to, let me know! Continued vehicle maintenance is the cheapest and most effective way of preventing bigger (and more expensive) problems from happening down the line.

You can give me a call at [(XXX) XXX-XXXX] or feel free to schedule an appointment through the service center at [SERVICE CENTER #: (XXX) XXX-XXXX]. [INCLUDE ANY SERVICE AMENITIES LIKE COMPLIMENTARY SHUTTLE SERVICE OR A DISCOUNT RATE.]
Looking forward to hearing from you!


4: The Trade-In Offer Car Sales Email Template

The trade-in email is one of the most important car sales email examples because these types of transactions are often difficult to make.

Customers are often reluctant to admit their car is getting old, and even when they do, the idea of replacing it can often be a bit overwhelming.

A trade-in email helps not only plant the seed that their vehicle is quickly aging, but also that a friendly face is available to make the process of getting a new vehicle even easier.

I’m [YOUR NAME] over at [DEALERSHIP NAME] and we just wanted to say thanks for partnering with us [NUMBER OF YEARS SINCE PURCHASE] years ago to purchase your [VEHICLE MAKE AND MODEL].

Can you believe it’s been that long?

In any case, I’m sure you two have created some amazing memories together over the years. But while a vehicle always holds a special place in your heart, I also know that lives change. And as time goes on, our needs change as well.

The reason I’m reaching out to you is because I’m curious if you’ve ever thought about trading-in your [VEHICLE MAKE AND MODEL] for a new vehicle. Not only do trade-ins simplify the process by combining two complex transactions into one, they also give you the chance easily upgrade your ride to meet your growing needs.

Let me know if you’re interested! We have a wide variety of beautiful new models to choose from and we’re always here to make buying a new car as easy as possible.

You can reach me anytime at [(XXX) XXX-XXXX] or simply respond to this email.
Wishing you the best,


5: The Happy Birthday Email Template

Last but not least, the “Happy Birthday” email is a great excuse to help keep your dealership at the top of your audience’s mind.

And the personalization factor is sure to help win over the recipient. After all, who doesn’t like it when someone remembers their birthday?
Happy birthday [CUSTOMER FIRST NAME]!

We at [DEALERSHIP NAME] wanted to with you the best on your special day and let you know we’re so thankful for being your automotive dealership of choice.

[INCLUDE ANY BIRTHDAY OFFERS (e.g. free oil change, discounted tune-up).]

It’s your special day so don’t forget to treat yourself!


Start Using These Car Sales Email Templates That Work Today

Getting your email marketing strategy down pat is absolutely essential when it comes to running a successful dealership.

Not only is it one of the most effective marketing tactics today, it also has some of the best ROI possible. And with these email templates to work with, you can be sure you’re getting the most out of your email marketing strategy.

Or better yet, scrap the text and use these templates as a guide to close your sale by simply using a video to stand out.

Still not sure? Try video email on BombBomb for free. We even have video email templates for you to connect and follow up with clients every step of the way.


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