Are You Using the Same Video Gear as Top Video Influencers?

Last Updated March 28th, 2018

Recording videos can be intimidating – and so can figuring out what equipment to use. We put together a list of video gear recommended by a few of our top Real Estate Video Influencers.

These real estate agents show how easy it can be to get started with the right equipment. They also show that you don’t have to spend a fortune to look like a video pro.

Meet the PROS:

Sue “Pinky” Benson – Live Video Pro
Melanie Galea – Listing Video Pro
Jesse Peters – All-Around Video Pro

Recording Gear


The Video Gear You Have: Mobile Phone

Did you know that there’s a movie in theaters right now that was solely shot on an iPhone? Jesse, Melanie and Sue all use their phones for a lot of video. Though they may supplement using more professional gear such as a GoPro or Canon T3i, the main thing you need to get started is your smartphone camera. According to Jesse, “You have a video camera that happens to make phone calls.” You don’t need more than your phone to record some killer videos. Check out the article attached for some basic tips: 7 Ways to Get Professional Quality Video from Your Smartphone

Jesse Peters - Basic Video Equipment


Video Gear for Enhancement

DJI Osmo
DJI Osmo is a product that we use often here at BombBomb. We also know a lot of successful real estate agents who LOVE this handheld gimbal. With this device, you can say goodbye to shaky video. Check out our Gear Review on the DJI Osmo Mobile 2 for more tips on using this sweet product.


Diva Ring Light

Diva Ring Light is a great investment for those who struggle with good video lighting. These vary in size and price, depending on what you’re looking for. It can be a simple phone attachment or a big set up and it can really make an incredible difference for your videos.



All three influencers we talked to use a tripod. Whether you pair it with the Joby GripTight One Mount (talked about below) to set up your phone or you use an actual camera, it’s a useful thing to have.


Joby GripTight ONE Mount

Joby GripTight ONE Mount is a great thing to have when paired with a tripod or selfie stick. This allows you to mount your phone to either. When you’re solely using your phone to record, this can make your life a lot easier.


The “Doohickie”
Sue made us laugh during R-4 with her “Tripod Thingy” and “the Doohickie” but the point of that all is – “Technology doesn’t matter as much as the ideas you have.” Sue is one of our Top Video Influencers in the live video category and she isn’t a tech expert! You don’t have to be a technology pro to kill it in video.

Melanie's Video Gear


Video Gear for Editing


Good editing software is SO important for social media videos. GoPro-Splice is an app that allows Jesse to edit his videos on the fly. Splice helps you to make professional-looking videos on your iPhone which is why Jesse highly recommends it to other real estate agents. It’s easy to edit videos anytime, anywhere.



Screenflow is a great video editing program you can use on your computer. This software is easy to learn and can be useful for editing footage you took on a camera or your computer. We know many real estate agents who love this editing software!


Apple Clips
Clips is great for when you need to edit on your phone. This is Sue’s go-to app for video editing. This free app is great for simple editing like combining different video clips and adding text over video. You can learn about Clips and other editing tools in our blog post – 5 Resources to Help Boost Video Views


Do you use any video gear we didn’t list? We’d love to know what you use for all your videos!


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