Appointment Setting Strategies: Standout Ways to Use Video in Your Sales Process

Last Updated February 27th, 2020

So far this year, we’ve been in your inbox twice a month with an email we call the “Deep Dive.” In this segment, we’ve been sharing tips and tricks on detailed strategies and techniques around simple video, tracking, screen recording, and more.

For February’s Deep Dive, we focused on appointment setting strategies.

If you missed our training videos and our webinar on appointment setting strategies, you’re in luck. We’re recapping both of the videos and our favorite tips from each one.

Appointment Setting Tip 1: Get Your Videos Played


Attention is the currency of sales. If you don’t have attention and you don’t have visibility, you’ll never get a chance to showcase your ability.”

Before we can even talk through appointment setting techniques with video, it’s important to make sure your videos stand out and entice your recipients to click on them. You need to get their attention. That way, you can increase your chances of landing those appointments.

A way to make sure your videos stand out is to be creative with the animated preview that will show up in your contact’s inbox when you send them a video. Think about that animated preview and thumbnail as your new subject line. If your animated previews are enticing, your contacts are more likely to watch your video and respond to your message.

Below we break down the T.U.N.E.D Method for getting your videos played that Steve talks about in the training above. These tips should be used when creating animated previews like the example below.

Team: The more people you can bring into the video, the more likely those videos will be played. People love seeing that you took the time round up other team members just to send them a simple, personal video!

Appointment Setting Strategies

Unexpected: This is when you can really have fun creating animated GIFS. It’s also a great opportunity to include a more human element, something the viewer wouldn’t expect to see.  When the viewer catches something unique, they’ll be more likely to click on your video and hear what you have to say.

Name: To get this accomplished, we recommend using a whiteboard and writing out the prospect’s name on that whiteboard to get their attention. Something as simple as “Hi Scott,” or even as intriguing as “Yikes Scott!” can really make an impact.

Emotion: We’ve seen success with animated previews where people begin the video smiling and clapping. It suggests you have good news to bring and people always love hearing good news! Another example could be an animated preview of someone looking discouraged. Having bad days, making mistakes, these are all moments that make us human! And your prospects will relate to those emotions and those human feelings.

Detail: Simply add personal details to your previews. Great examples are using a whiteboard to draw out a company’s logo and waving the whiteboard while smiling in the first few seconds of your video. You could also pull up your contact’s LinkedIn profile with the screen recorder feature to show that profile within those first three seconds. Wouldn’t you click on a video that showed your actual LinkedIn profile in the animated preview? I certainly would.

If you’re using this method, you’re going to encourage your contacts to listen to your message, and they’ll be much more likely to set an appointment with you.

Appointment Setting Tip 2: Save Time With Evergreen Videos


Evergreen videos are so powerful. They differentiate you, and you don’t have to create one every time you’re trying to reach out to someone.”

Understandably, finding time to create appointment setting videos can be challenging for some people. Especially if you own and run your own business and need to convert as many inbound leads as possible. Because of this, Kevin shared how to create an evergreen appointment setting videos that you can use over and over again.

The benefit to these videos is that they can be sent automatically when BombBomb is connected to your CRM, improving your speed to lead. They’ll also differentiate you from all the other autoresponder emails most people will receive when they are trying to decide between multiple companies.

The key is to make sure these videos still feel personal. Kevin showcases and explains why an evergreen video from Mortgage Lender, Chris Brown, is so successful in the clip above.

Appointment Setting Tip 3: Encourage Your Prospects to Show Up for Those Appointments.


If you implement this every day while trying to generate more business using BombBomb Video, you’re going to be more successful.”

After using the T.U.N.E.D. Method to get your contact’s attention you’ll start to book more appointments. But with that being said, you’ll also want to make sure your prospects actually show up for these appointments as well.

Steve goes over another amazing format that will help you make sure your contacts value the time you’re putting aside to speak with them. Send a meeting reminder that follows the structure below a few days before your appointment.

Connect: Start out your video by mentioning something that this person mentioned during your original call to show that you were listening.

Remind (text): We don’t suggest adding the time and date to the video because attention is a gift and time is valuable. Try to keep your videos as brief as possible but make sure they still contain the most important information. The time and date should certainly be included as email text.

Reaffirm Value (show effort): This is something you definitely want to include in your videos. An example of reaffirming value would involve saying something like this, “I am SO excited for this call. Our team is already hard at work creating a customized marketing plan specifically for your company.” If you tell them the amount of time and effort you/ your team has put into the call beforehand, it will reduce the amount of cancellations you receive.

Appointment Setting Tip 4: Appointment Follow-Up


But where does the real money come from? It’s in the follow-up, it’s in the details”

Kevin closed out our appointment setting webinar with a “bonus video” from Sharon Tindell. Sharon works in the title industry and uses video to follow up after an appointment.

Sending a follow-up video after you’ve successfully held an appointment with a new contact is one of the easiest and best videos you can send. You already know all the details about the person you have met with. You know their pain points, their business goals, and you might even know some fun details, like their children’s names.

Use that information to create a compelling, clear, and personal follow-up video. Lay out next the steps, and make your prospect feel like their needs are in good hands.

Thank you so much for checking out our recap of our February Deep Dive!

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