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Get face-to-face earlier and more often with simple video.

Discover the Power of Simple Videos

You already know that people using video in their online marketing are crushing it. What you may not know is that recording and sending video in email is an easy — yet incredibly powerful — way to build relationships and convert more leads. It’s like being there in person when you can’t be there in person.

With Stewart Agencies you get:

Unlimited video emails up to 3500 contacts
Automate your follow-up with Automations and video forms
Front-of-the-line phone and email support
Gmail app & Chrome extension
57% off the annual price
Mobile app for iOS & Android devices
Tracking your opportunities with opens, clicks, plays
Group coaching session

How BombBomb Helps Your Business:

Easily create and send videos from your computer or mobile device for one-to-one messages or send to your entire list.

Track and analyze email performance and get instant open and play notifications.

Create, manage, and automate both traditional text and video email autoresponders and drip campaigns.

Build business relationships through natural human connection.

*How You Benefit from BombBomb:

81% get more email replies
87% increased clicks on their website
68% of customers convert more leads
56% report more referrals
90% stay in touch more effectively
*Survey of 576 BombBomb customers who’ve sent at least 10 videos | Conducted July-August 2015 | Results projected to all customers with 95% confidence and +/- 4% margin of error

Get BombBomb today and see how video email transforms your business.