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Personal Branding. Localized Content. Expanded Networks.
Amazing Price.


Want all the details? Click to see a 30-minute webinar recording!


Want all the details? Click to see a 30-minute webinar recording!

Learn How RE/MAX Social Prompt Will Help You Win More Opportunities


Custom Branding

Your logo, your custom header, and your leads. Anytime someone clicks from Facebook, they’ll stay in your funnel.

Personalize with Video

Add another dimension of personalization to your social marketing with video. Up your game.

More Social Networks

In addition to Facebook, expand your reach by building audiences in Twitter, LinkedIn and email.


Expand Your Network.

Localize your content.

Agent Networks

Push content to, or post on behalf of your agents.
Expand your network.

Local Content

Push your own local market information to your, and your agents’, social networks.

Rollup Analytics

Gain Insights. Know what’s working, and get a high-level view of your agents’ social interaction.

A Complete
Video + Email Platform

The highest level BombBomb subscription.

Record, send, and track videos in email, text messages, and social media. Integrates with the RE/MAX database for up-to-date agent lists - and with dozens of other real estate CRMs and platforms.

Automation with your personal touch.

More done-for-you recruiting and retention content. Campaign email sending throughout the year. Automated one-to-one video sending on hire dates, birthdays, and other date-based events.

A complete, RE/MAX-fueled system.

Stay in front of your agents, recruits, and sphere in email, text, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter all year long. Easily add your videos to connect and convert with your best sales asset ... yourself!

Complete Social and Email
Marketing Platform.


+$500 set-up fee


Personalized Set-up Includes:

  • A one-on-one onboarding call to get you started with Prompt.
  • A custom email design made just for you.
  • We’ll help you upload your contacts into your BombBomb account.