BombBomb for
Brokers and Agents

Rehumanize your communication.

To be successful, you need to truly connect with your prospects and clients. But in today's inbox, basic email just doesn't cut it. BombBomb puts you back into your sales process, and gets you face to face with the people who matter most! Build trust, convert leads, and generate referrals by getting face to face more often with BombBomb’s video platform.

How BombBomb Helps Your Real Estate Business

Easily create and send videos from your computer or mobile device for one-to-one messages or send to your entire list.

Track and analyze email performance and get instant open and play notifications.

Create, manage, and automate both traditional text and video email autoresponders and drip campaigns.

Build business relationships through natural human connection.

With RE/MAX you get what other BombBomb users just don't have.

The BombBomb RE/MAX Agent Challenge ($150 value)
The BombBomb Agent Lead Response Challenge ($150 value)
The RE/MAX Fit to sell video email drip campaign ($299 value)
The BombBomb RE/MAX Broker Challenge (Broker Only) ($150 value)
The RE/MAX Broker Quick Hit Campaign (Broker Only) ($299 value)