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Increase productivity, save time, and stay connected by sending personal video messages with your team.


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BombBomb helps your team build better employee relationships with effective video messaging, rather than relying on faceless, typed-out text.

Improve efficiency
Communicate more clearly
Boost company culture

Improve efficiency Communicate more clearlyBoost company culture

Who would you rather work with?

Relying heavily on text makes it hard for you to maintain real work relationships.

If you wish that communicating with your teammates was as personal, effective, and engaging as a face-to-face meeting (without filling up everyone’s calendars!), then it’s time to rehumanize your team with BombBomb video.

Build better relationships throughout the company.

Leaders and Managers


Training and IT


Leaders and Managers

  • Have fewer meetings

    Not all meetings can be covered in an email. But many times, sharing a video message can be just as effective as a live meeting, while saving your team time, and saving the company money.

  • Have better meetings

    If you’re going to have a meeting, send a video message to clearly set the agenda beforehand, and follow up with a video for action items and to get non-attendees up to speed.

  • Explain complex ideas clearly

    When you can’t walk over to a co-worker’s desk or video conference, use the screen recorder to provide feedback, show specifics, and other concepts that are better-explained eye to eye.


  • Get the attention of top talent

    Elite candidates hear from recruiters daily. Stand out in their inbox with a personal video showing you’re a real person that wants them on your team.

  • Humanize the candidate experience

    At the end of the day, and interview is just people having a discussion. Communicating with video messages leading up to the interview can make your candidates feel more comfortable and relaxed before an interview.

  • Streamline your hiring process

    It can be difficult to stay in touch with all candidates in a meaningful, personal way. Tools like canned responses (snippets), email templates, and instant video sending can help you save time while humanizing your hiring efforts.

Training and IT

  • Better employee onboarding

    Make your new hires feel welcomed. Humanize your onboarding experience, exchange video messages to meet others on the team, and more.

  • Clearly explain tech updates

    Giving software/hardware updates to the team over text can be confusing. Share it with a video so everyone doesn’t have to interpret your update from a faceless tech talk message.

  • Help translate HR jargon

    Concepts like health insurance, benefits, and 401k can be difficult to explain with text. Seeing it with a screen recording helps your team understand information that might be complex to some.


  • Get noticed

    Have an important message for a co-worker or boss, but can’t meet in person or virtually? Share a video message that showcases your tone and emotion, rather than a text-only message that could be misunderstood or ignored.

  • Stay connected

    Need to check in with a remote employee and can’t get on a video conference? Sending a video message can make him/her feel like they’re connected, even from across the globe.

  • Provide meaningful feedback

    When editing or critiquing an assignment, doing so with a video message makes sure you get the tone right. Your recipient will clearly understand your intent, and make faster progress on the project.

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For 3 or more users.

Try free for 14 days! No credit card required.

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With BombBomb, you don’t just get our video messaging software. You get our people.

Our team has sent over half a million videos to rehumanize our communication, so we know what works. With custom training for your team, your success with video is our success.

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For 3 or more users.

Let’s talk metrics...I’ve seen a proven increase in my sales conversions. It’s great as a differentiator.

Nick T.

Venture Capital Associate Partner

I've been able to save time and communicate better where a written email would have taken longer or not been able to communicate the nuance of my message.

Logan L.

Director of Podcast Partnerships

If you're in sales, BombBomb is a must.

Walter M.

Sales Representative

I love being able to send personalized videos within my Gmail account. Having a 3 second GIF playing of the video makes them very clickable.

Jeffrey A.

Sales Manager of Business Development

Awesome technology and the best form of communication there is for sales people, probably for anyone trying to establish a relationship with a new acquaintance!!

Robert T.

Real Estate Broker

People comment how they love a personalized video. I can send videos of cars, and explain something on my computer screen such as a vehicle's detail page!

Amber Z.

Automotive Internet Sales Manager

In the recruitment industry, it feels like everyone is always trying to be the most innovative, or provide the most value, or give you the leg up on competition in any way possible. BombBomb does all of the above.

Becca R.

Recruitment and Staffing Consultant

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