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SweepBright empowers real estate agencies to deliver exceptional customer experiences and become significantly more efficient. With Sweep Bright, agents can create new listings within minutes, publish listings to multiple advertising channels, and do much more while on the go. Matching leads and properties is smart and instantaneous, reducing spamming and resulting in higher conversion rates. Tracking calls, emails, or messages and associating them to a listing or lead is automatic.

And now, agents can communicate personally with their leads using BombBomb videos!

Sweep Bright + BombBomb Benefits

  • Don’t get bogged down trying to manually put leads into BombBomb. You can send your Sweep Bright leads right into BombBomb in just minutes! Create specific lists for groups of leads to further customize your interactions.
  • Ensure your emails stand out in crowded inboxes and have the greatest impact with BombBomb videos! Now with the recorder right in your Chime account, you can integrate BombBomb videos into your Chime drip campaigns and action plans.
  • Know exactly who to follow up with and when with BombBomb tracking statistics. Check out who’s opening your emails, playing your videos, and clicking your links in real time so you can follow up promptly with the right people.




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