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Propertybase has revolutionized the way real estate companies and professionals worldwide build relationships with their clients. Their solutions enable brokers and owners to streamline and manage their entire sales cycle from a single platform with robust lead management, email automation, websites, MLS integrations, analytics, and more. Propertybase, built on for scalability, gives agents intelligent productivity tools designed to improve processes and provide the highest level of service.

Propertybase customers can now advance their processes by adding BombBomb videos to their communication!

Propertybase + BombBomb Benefits

  • If you’re looking for a way to separate yourself from other real estate professionals and the noise they cause, a video email is just the way to do it. By showing your face and speaking directly to your contacts, you’ll appear more relatable to your connections and your message will be presented in a personable, humanized way.
  • Instead of logging into your BombBomb account for videos, you can record and send videos to your contacts right from within your Propertybase account! Just open a contact record, record a video, and send it off. There’s no switching between platforms and no need to operate outside of your CRM.
  • Email tracking provides you with detailed information about your recipients are interacting with your emails. You can see what email you sent, when you sent it, and the engagement it’s gotten from the recipient. Now you’ll know exactly who to follow up with, when to follow up, and what emails perform the best.






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