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KiTS combines the power of cross-channel marketing and the magic of variable data publishing to produce highly personalized messages from you to your database, helping you build mindshare. With KiTS, you get the benefit of an awesome email marketing suite, personalized direct mail, and social media content. You also have the benefit of daily reminder emails to remind you who to call and when, as well as having access to the VDP WOW Calendar, drip campaigns, geo-farm flyers, and websites with lead capture funneled directly into Loop CRM.

KiTS is your complete keep in touch solution, and now you can improve your follow-up by adding BombBomb videos!

Keep-in-Touch Systems + BombBomb Benefits

  • No need to have contact lists in two different places in order to take advantage of two powerful systems. Now you can log into Loop CRM and easily send BombBomb video emails from right within your account. A match made in heaven!
  • Since all of your KiTS marketing is already highly personalized, it makes sense to continue this trend. With BombBomb, you can now add another personal element to your email marketing by sending videos, appearing face-to-face with your connections.
  • There’s no fussing with transferring over your most utilized tools into your email marketing suite. All of your favorite BombBomb features are available directly from Loop including existing videos, templates, and even reports!




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