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JarJa provides a full CRM and marketing toolset to help you and your business get up to speed on its marketing while you worry about the big stuff. This tool allows you to send automated drip campaigns, monitor the pipeline stage of your leads, and efficiently market yourself while your social media, PPC ads, websites, and contacts are managed for you. This elite mix-and-match service platform gives you everything you need without sacrificing any of your time.

Take your prospecting, relationship-building, and sales emails to the next level with videos by connecting the BombBomb integration!

JarJa CRM + BombBomb Benefits

  • Want to differentiate yourself from others and change how people see you through email? Let them actually see you – send a video to show your face and personalize your message! With a recorder right in your JarJa account, you’ll be able to record and send videos to all your connections and build relationships.
  • Have to log into several different platforms to get things done? Not anymore! Utilize BombBomb features right from your JarJa account, eliminating steps out of your daily routine and streamlining your workflow for better efficiency.
  • If your drip campaigns are more of a drag, spice it up by including video for a higher engagement rate! Insert your videos right into your drip campaign emails and send them automatically, making it easy to grab the attention of clients and prompting a call to action.




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