Bridge the Lead Gap Between Facebook and Email

Wanting to close the space between Facebook and your email? Enter, ConnectLeads. Using ConnectLeads is the easiest way to connect your Facebook lead ads with your email. Anytime someone enters their information in a Facebook lead form, their email address is sent straight to your email software. No need to try and sync email addresses - ConnectLeads automatically collects email subscribers from Facebook and inserts into your email list. With the ConnectLeads and BombBomb integration, you can snag all your Facebook ad leads into one centralized location and personalize your communication with them through video email!

ConnectAudience + BombBomb Benefits

  • You’ll no longer have to worry about manually moving your contacts from Facebook to your email software. Facebook leads funneled from ConnectLeads will go straight to your BombBomb account without the hassle of leads falling through the cracks.
  • Want a better way to attract the attention of your leads? Let them actually see you - send a video to show your face and personalize your message! Record and send videos to all your Facebook leads from BombBomb and stand out from the crowd.
  • If you have a certain workflow in mind for your Facebook leads, don’t bother with sending your leads an email by hand. Do it automatically by creating campaigns in BombBomb! Insert your videos right into your campaign emails to build a connection and prompt a call to action.




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