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Church Community Builder (CCB) is a cloud-based church management solution designed to help church leadership engage with members of the congregation. It provides you with everything you need for check-in, attendance, online giving, member database, volunteer management, and much more. Communicating and connecting with people, both inside and outside the church, is a challenge for church leaders, and trying to work with multiple software tools can actually cause more confusion and inefficiency. CCB takes care of all those problems.
And now, CCB users can use BombBomb to send video emails to stay connected with members! Users can design their own email, add a video to email, and pull email addresses from their CCB accounts. No need to upload your own list to BombBomb - these emails addresses are pulled automatically. BombBomb will even pull complete contact lists from your CCB account so you don't need to create brand new ones.

CCB + BombBomb Benefits

  • Say goodbye to copy and paste and juggling back and forth between programs. Now all of your contacts in CCB will sync directly into your BombBomb account, so there's no need to reorganize every single small group, class, and mission trip into another program.
  • If you had the choice of reading a message from your pastor or watching a short three-minute video, you'd choose the video - it's a no-brainer. People crave the human touch that video provides and your congregation can better retain the message you send out.
  • With a 2GB size limit on your videos, you can be sure that sending a video of the entire service isn't a problem. Email the worship team their practice sessions, the missions team the meeting details, and the church newsletters to everyone else, all with tracking to make sure everyone is up-to-date about what's going on at the church.





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