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BoomTown provides real estate professionals with all the tools they need to run a successful business - from an individual agent, to a team, to a brokerage, to a multi-site brokerage. Beautiful websites. Lead gen. Lead nurturing and conversion. They really do it all! Everything ties together to help you close more deals. They are dedicated to your success and understand that video is a better way to build relationships and grow your business. Hence, a little project we like to call: BoomBomb! BombBomb videos in BoomTown emails. Two systems you love, working together, to help you close more deals.

BoomTown! + BombBomb Benefits

  • It’s easy! No need to jump back and forth between systems. Record and send video right within BoomTown - or select any video already in your BombBomb account. These simple videos get you face-to-face with all types of leads and produce higher conversion rates compared to plain text emails. Prospects will feel like they know you before they even meet you!
  • Setting up a BoomTown Smart Drip with BombBomb video allows you to follow up immediately and automatically to new leads in a way that differentiates yourself from other agents – with a simple video email.




Copy and paste your BombBomb API key into your BoomTown Lead Email Settings page!




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