Revolutionize Your Open House

AM Open House has digitalized the open house sign-in process. Say goodbye to pens and paper! The AM Open House app makes it easy for visitors to sign-in at open houses by using an iPad or Android tablet. Upon collecting the data, the new “leads” are sent directly into your BombBomb account. From there you can follow up more effectively, nurture properly, and ultimately close more deals – with the use of simple video.

AM Open House + BombBomb Benefits

  • When your Open House leads flow into BombBomb, you can easily follow-up to them in a way that differentiates you from competitors and builds relationships – with video email.
  • Simple video can help you get face-to- face faster – to build trust and rapport. When properly nurtured, become clients.
  • Live Real-Time alerts and push notifications from BombBomb help know who your best leads are and exactly when to follow up again based on how they are interacting with your emails.




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