Human-Centered Communication
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Human-Centered Communication books and The Wall Street Journal Best Seller Badge

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Build trust, create engagement, and enhance your reputation with the people that matter most leveraging the philosophies, strategies, and tactics offered by more than a dozen experts in Human-Centered Communication.

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We’ve all been there

If you’re someone who has ever:

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Sent an email, Slack message, or LinkedIn message and been misread, misunderstood, or ignored.

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Struggled to maintain an impactful and effective customer experience while interacting digitally.

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Pitched, presented, or trained virtually and failed to create a strong connection or lasting impact.

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I knew I would enjoy this book, but I underestimated how much value it would bring to my business. I recommend this book to anybody interested in building a business on the sustainable foundation of relationships.

Justin Stoddart

Our entire sales and marketing team read this together. The valuable message I got from Ethan, Steve, and their lineup of contributors in this book is to utilize technology to be more authentic and focused on the customer, not simply pushing my agenda.

Suzanne Tinsley

What I love most about this book is that it’s a guide to help us determine how to best navigate the parts of the "virtual relationship world" that seem to be here to stay and make them part of our strategy to be more relational and intentional.

Robb Resler

This book takes digital communication to the next level — the human level! It’s where we all need to be to become our most effective, productive, and authentic digital selves. This is a must-read and must-do for anyone using any digital communication!


With this book, the authors have gathered practical applications from top leaders across various industries. They combined these resources and strategies to a simple conclusion — let's be human in our communication! What you learn by reading this book will impact all areas of your life!

Andrew Hooper