77% of People Benefit from Video Email

Video Email Survey Data Results Cover

New Data: Benefits of Video Email

Does video email help people get more replies? Convert more leads? Generate more referrals?

According to nearly 600 people trying out video email instead of traditional, typed-out text emails ... yes!

Drop in your email address to get detailed survey results showing how 77% of people get a lift and 20% double or more than double their results with video.

How BombBomb Helps Your Sales Efforts:

Easily record and send videos from Gmail, web, or mobile for one-to-one messages or for your entire list.

Know who to follow up with - and when - by tracking email opens, link clicks, video plays, and more. Get live, real-time notifications as these things happen.

Create, manage, and automate both traditional text emails and video emails. Send autoresponders and drip campaigns.

Communicate more clearly, build business relationships, and differentiate yourself from competitors through natural human connection.

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