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Firepoint is a real estate software solution created by some of the top real estate teams and agents across the nation. This system is designed to help you stay on top of past client relationships and new leads, allowing you to manage all of your lead sources, contacts, and campaigns in one centralized location.

And now with the BombBomb integration, you can place videos right into your emails for one-to-one or mass sending for a unique introduction or greeting!

Firepoint + BombBomb Benefits

  • Forget logging into two different platforms at once to get things done. Now you’ve got BombBomb capabilities right from your Firepoint account! This integration cuts steps out of your daily routine so your workflow is shorter and faster.
  • You’re better in person, but today’s sales cycle demands that a lot of your interaction comes from email text. Not anymore - now you can record, send, and connect with BombBomb's simple video recorder to film videos - right from inside Firepoint!
  • Stand out and get more clicks, more opens, and more interactions with video messages to your past, current, and prospective connections. Video brings a more personal and humanistic quality to your digital communication, prompting for better relationship-building and more responses.




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