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A Business Case Against Digital pollution

Whether you’re the sender or the recipient, connecting with another human is only getting harder. In this first-of-its-kind documentary, we explore why digital pollution is hurting our ability to communicate – and what we can do about it.

Young woman looking at mobile phone Young woman looking at mobile phone

If you wish digital communication was more human

Then this film is for you

Digital Pollution transcends any specific role or industry. If your livelihood is tied to your ability to connect with others, knowing your role in the proliferation of digital pollution is important - especially for leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, customer success, and account managers.

Perspective is Everything

In this documentary, you will be able to see digital pollution and its effects on the sales process through the perspectives of executives, SDRs/BDRs, and experts.

Kipp Bodnar, Chief Marketing Officer
Kipp Bodnar, Chief Marketing Officer

“As a consumer… if I’m going to give you my time, I need to have some kind of knowledge and trust with you.”

Discover why it’s so difficult to engage with executives. What does it take to build a trusting relationship with them?

Michael Stamison, Business Development Manager
Michael Stamison, Business Development Manager

"There is always one more email you can send or check. My phone, as unfortunate as it sounds, is my right hand."

See who’s behind that prospecting email and what they have to do to support their families.

Dr. Erik Huffman, Cyberpsychologist
Dr. Erik Huffman, Cyberpsychologist

“This is something that we weren’t prepared for as humans. Our iPhones and Androids were not part of the evolutionary plan..”

An overwhelming inbox makes you feel anxious, but why? Gain insight into the effect that digital pollution has on our brains.

Yasmin Moorman, Chief Business Officer
Yasmin Moorman, Chief Business Officer

“Until there is a new technology that changes the calculus, it will just keep getting louder.”

Yasmin just started her new job and is overwhelmed with unwanted emails. See the impact this noise has had in her role and her life.

Who You’ll Meet

Melissa Gratias

Owner & Principal at Progress Not Perfection, LLC in Savannah, GA

Andrew Brodsky

Assistant Professor of Management at McCombs School of Business in Austin, TX

Kostadin Kushlev

Assistant Professor at Georgetown University in Washington, DC

Dr. Erik Huffman

Cyberpsychologist at Handshake Leadership and Director of Information Technology at BombBomb in Colorado Springs, CO

Kipp Bodnar

Chief Marketing Officer at HubSpot in Boston, MA

Ed Breault

Chief Marketing Officer at Aprimo in Pittsburgh, PA

Yasmin Moorman

Chief Business and Operating Officer at Hunt A Killer in NYC, NY

Kerri Smith

Senior Sales Development Executive at Postclick in State College, PA

Ni Adesokan

Senior Manager at Affirm, Inc. in Chicago, IL

Colin Cray

Business Development Manager at Prodrive Technologies in Boston, MA

Lori Dunn

Head of Sales at Squeaky Clean Data in Boston, MA

Michael Stamison

Business Development Manager at Röhlig Logistics in

Eliza Loftus

Manager of Sales Development at Ceros in NYC, NY

The Antidote to Digital Pollution

If Digital Pollution is the problem, what’s the way forward? Read our Wall Street Journal best-selling book, Human-Centered Communication: A Business Case Against Digital Pollution to find out.

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