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Your Definitive Guide to
Better Business Communication

A book titled Rehumanize Your Business by Ethan Beute and Stephen Pacinelli
Play Video Rehumanize Your Business by Ethan Beute and Stephen Pacinelli

Your Definitive Guide to
Better Business Communication

If you’re a working professional who relies on emails, text messages, and voicemails to be effective, this book serves as your guide to using simple videos to find more success and satisfaction every day.

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From the Wiley publishing team that brought to market Behind the Cloud from Marc Benioff of Salesforce, Inbound Marketing from Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan of Hubspot, and Customer Success from the executive team of Gainsight comes another category‑defining book... Rehumanize Your Business.

Are your emails less effective than they were just a few years ago?

Do you struggle for replies and responses? Do your text messages get misread or misunderstood? It’s time to stop relying on faceless digital communication and get face to face again. Rehumanize Your Business is a hands‑on guide to adding simple webcam and smartphone videos into your communication mix in order to build trust, save time, and truly connect with people.

Here are just some of the things you get in this book:



Why it’s Time to Rehumanize Your Business

What is this movement all about and why do I care?

You’re relying on a method of communication that wasn’t designed to help you, be you. You are what you send, are your traditional emails getting the job done?

See the six signs that this new approach to videos is right for you and your team.

See current research about our extensive use of email, our overconfidence about using it effectively, and our ability to outsmart our customers’ mental shortcuts.

Learn why millennia of human brain training make our faces, smiles, eyes, hands, and other nonverbal cues so valuable.



When to Rehumanize with Video

So, when exactly do I send videos instead of typing out my messages?

Get details on ten day‑to‑day instances in which a video is more effective than typed‑out text.

Don’t waste your time by sending videos during these moments.

Learn from the first person and the first team to send more than 10,000 videos to build relationships and increase sales.

Hear specific stories and tips from salespeople, leaders, software companies, a college professor, a nonprofit, a financial advisor, and others.



How to Record and Send Videos

How do I actually record and send videos in emails, text messages, and social messaging?

Get step‑by‑step guidance and pros and cons for three ways to send video in email.

Confront the three main psychological barriers that prevent people from being successful with video - and learn how to overcome them.

Learn why your video’s perfection is in its imperfection, why never to use a script, and why every piece of communication benefits from empathy, value, and a good, clear call to action.

Get specific guidance on the unique aspects of video in screen recordings, text messages, social messaging, and transactional inboxes like Gmail and Outlook.



Improving Video Results

What can I do before and after I send a video to make sure I’m successful?

Get the top 5 reasons video emails underperform and an entire chapter on how to improve results, including in cold prospecting situations.

The first few seconds can determine the length of viewership for the rest of your video. Learn the best tactics to keep people watching.

Learn what to do if your email doesn’t get opened.

Learn what to do if your email is opened, but your video isn’t played.

Learn what to do if your video is played, but you don’t get a reply or response.

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Co-authors Ethan Beute and Steve Pacinelli share with you more than a decade of combined learning, teaching, and practicing of this new approach to video, which drops the gloss and polish of “professional” production in favor of simplicity, honesty, and authenticity.


These days we’re all in sales. No matter what work we do, much of it involves persuading, influencing, convincing, and cajoling others. Video as taught in this book can help you blend the efficiency of digital communication with the warmth of your face, voice, and personal touch. Give it a read to sell more effectively.



Connecting is super‑important in our industry, and video makes it easier. After seeing your face and hearing your voice in video emails, people feel like they know you before you’ve ever met. It’s an instant connection – and this book is an essential tool to help you make that happen.



To create powerful, humanizing experiences that your customers and future customers would love, you must be authentic. We can and must do better than expected - and personal videos as prescribed in this book can help. Read this and get ready to challenge the status quo.


Cofounder and Chief Evangelist at Terminus and author of Account‑Based Marketing and ABM is B2B

Video is no longer bound by the traditional factors of creation, distribution, or accessibility. Brands must learn a new possibility for video across the entire customer journey and how to elevate the medium with a one‑to‑one, human‑to‑human approach. This book will help.


Principal of Marketing Insights at Salesforce and author of The Context Marketing Revolution

We’re better in person and we win through relationships. That’s why video is so important and why I train all my clients on it. If you want proven strategies to get face to face and close more deals, you want this book.


#1 real estate coach and New York Times best‑selling author

I love this book for three reasons. First, I see it as a practical guide to selling with video. If you want to be emotionally effective, embrace video in your process. Second, it’s fun to read. It made me realize that customers are tired of dealing with faceless salespeople; they love authenticity and the trust it builds. Third, this book made me realize that sales automation pushes salespeople to act like human doings while video empowers them to think, act, and sell like human beings. An eye‑opening read!


Founder and CEO of Selling Power, Inc.

When we need to turn leads into appointments, appointments into sales, or sales into referrals we use personal videos. Nothing else gets a faster or better response. This book gives you the blueprint for adding videos to your business the right way.


Best‑selling author of The Conversion Code and cofounder of Curaytor

Rehumanize Your Business is a smart and thorough guide to using personal videos to enrich your digital communication. It doesn’t just tell you why, but how.


Ph.D., McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin

Who knew video would be one of the most inspiring and innovative ways to build trust, rapport, and relationships? Throughout my career, nothing has been more important to my own success and the success of my peers and mentors than relationships, and when you can’t be there in person, video on your webcam or smartphone establishes that much-needed personal touch. Ethan Beute and Steve Pacinelli capture this very well in Rehumanize Your Business. It’s on my bookshelf and should also be on everyone’s reading list.


Vice President of Revenue and Operations for Demand Matrix

Ethan is one of the most genuine, thoughtful, and brilliant humans I’ve ever met. When I found out he was writing this book with his colleague Steve, I thought to myself: there’s nobody better suited to talk about restoring humanity in business. Every interaction I’ve had with him, I’ve walked away feeling known, appreciated, and a whole lot smarter. It’s rare to find someone so intelligent and strategic who also cares so deeply about fostering rich and meaningful relationships…but that’s exactly what you get. I’m convinced that this book will not only make you more effective in business, but it will open your eyes to a more authentic approach to living life.


Founder of Sweet Fish Media, co‑host of The B2B Growth Show, and author of Content‑Based Networking

Rehumanize Your Business Today

We believe in you.

You deserve to be seen, heard, felt, and understood. Use this book to draw out your own unique and successful approach to building relationships and winning opportunities with personal videos.

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