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Recent BombCast Episodes

BombCast Episode 14 - The Importance of Being Your True Self on Video

Being your true self is a key to being successful when implementing video in your business. During this BombCast episode, Christophe Choo shared some great tips on overcoming fear and allowing people to connect with you through video.

BombCast Episode 13 - How to Use Video in Your Training and Recruiting Efforts

We welcomed John Lucero on the BombCast to share a little on how he's using video. John has been in the insurance industry for over 2 decades and he currently does recruiting and training for insurance agents around the nation.

BombCast Episode 12 - How Simple Video Helps You Win Big Deals

During our event in May, Rehumanize, we sat down with Sean to hear how he's winning by sending simple video within BombBomb. If you're looking for encouragement and inspiration to get started with video, this BombCast episode is for you!

BombCast Episode 11 - How to Overcome the Hurdles That Are Keeping You From Video

Back in 2017 we had Jesse Peters on one of our first episodes of the BombCast. This year during Rehumanize, we welcomed him back on the show and we loved hearing more about his video journey.

BombCast Episode 10 - How to Make the Connections That Matter with Video

Do you ever put out great content to attract leads, and then find yourself waiting months for a response? Sometimes, you need to make that first move. During Rehumanize, we sat down with Alex McFadyen Mortgage Advisor & The Mortgage Pug. Alex takes a very proactive approach when it comes to communication. Learn how he builds relationships in a way that's scaleable - using video!

BombCast Episode 09 - How Ruby Routinely Integrates Video Into Her Business

In 2017, Ruby decided to take the jump and she started using video in her business. She began to incorporate video into her day-to-day tasks, slowly becoming more comfortable with it. Through trial and error, she learned the best and most efficient ways to use video in her business and she has now seen so much success from her strategies.