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Recent BombCast Episodes

BombCast Episode 05 - Tips on Growing Your Personal Business

Tune in to our next episode of the BombCast to hear from Business Coach Elaine Lou Cartas! Elaine grew her personal business from the ground up and she'll be sharing her story as well as sharing some great tips for business owners.

BombCast Episode 04 -Content Creation Tips From a Digital Marketing Expert

Tune in to hear from Digital Marketing Expert and Cereal Entrepreneur, Joran Steen. Jordan talks about some great content strategy tips in this episode of the BombCast.

BombCast Episode 03 - Sales Tips from an Inside Sales Leader

In this episode, Alicia chats with Inside Sales Leader, Dionne Mischler. Dionne touches on the importance of embracing who you are and how you do things.

BombCast Episode 02 - How to Be More Relatable in Your Marketing

According to Brian, "The future of marketing is relatability." If you're looking for ways to connect with your fans, followers and clients in 2019, you'll want to tune in to this episode.