Real Estate Agent Marketing at the Zillow Select Summit

Last Updated May 28th, 2014

As an inaugural partner of the Zillow Tech Connect program, BombBomb sent a few team members out to the Zillow Select Summit when it recently came through our hometown of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

With their blessing, we shot and shared some videos. Learn more by taking a look!


Ethan Beute and Sara Bonert at the Zillow Select Summit

  • Zillow Tech Connect program: the problem it solves
  • Why attend a Zillow Select Summit: what you’ll learn
  • Tip for an agent just starting with Zillow: set up your profile!
  • Tip for an agent already getting leads through Zillow: follow up with your leads!


Mitch Robinson on the Living Database – Zillow Select Summit

  • Not just the 3% of homes for sale: 110 million homes, nearly every U.S. home
  • Connecting buyers, sellers, renters, and homeowners with agents, mortgage providers, property managers, and home-related services
  • Why individuals should take “ownership” of their home on Zillow
  • Why listings agents should take “ownership” of their listed homes on Zillow


Sara Bonert on Tools to Benefit Agents – Zillow Select Summit

  • Lender co-marketing: share a significant amount of ad costs with your preferred lenders
  • Past sales: build confidence with buyers and sellers by showcasing your track record
  • Contact forwarding: respond faster to consumers
  • Zillow Tech Connect: integrate your CRM directly


Other Topics and Takeaways – Zillow Select Summit

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Zillow Select Summit Bonus Features

Get a professional headshot taken at no cost! Here: BombBomb designer/developer Amanda and software developer Kate go back to back in a classic team pose. Meet our team.
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Get an awesome charger as a parting gift. It plugs into the wall and into your car lighter. It has two USB slots. Plus, as Sara shared with me, it functions as a nightlight for kids!
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And we’d be remiss in failing to mention the free lunch!

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Ethan Beute

Ethan Beute | About The Author

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