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Last Updated February 5th, 2015

“Anytime we can communicate on a more personal level through video, the better the response.” Chris Speicher shared this with us, along with the video email with which his team follows up with Zillow leads.

Chris, who runs the Speicher Group with his wife Peggy Lyn Speicher, added that “using video in our business differentiates our company – it shows that we’re on the cutting edge of technology and also puts our leads and clients at ease – they can now put a face with a name with a voice.”

Why Video for Zillow Lead Conversion

In the words above, Chris speaks to the primary challenges agents have with lead conversion. It’s hard to:

  • get a response
  • differentiate yourself
  • get face to face
  • start building rapport
  • be timely and consistent

The Speicher Group, which specializes in Montgomery County, Maryland real estate, achieves this instantly and automatically with their Zillow leads.

How? By connecting their Zillow account to their BombBomb account.

When you do this, a simple video can go out to every person who inquires on your profile or listing. You’re leading with your face, voice, personality, and expertise. You’re sending a consistent message every time. You’re killing it with speed to lead.

“The Zillow/BombBomb integration allows us to provide an immediate and personalized response to internet leads which allows us to set expectations about next steps and introduce the concept of a team. In a world of ’email overload,’ we see video as the best way to effectively convey our message to our clients.”


How to Get Video to Zillow Leads Immediately and Automatically

As an inaugural member of the Zillow Tech Connect program, BombBomb allows you to set up one simple workflow and get face to face with every one of your Zillow leads instantly and automatically.

In other words: you do 5 minutes of work and your BombBomb account helps you start building trust and rapport over and over and over again.

Record or upload a video. Drop it into an email. Set up a list to collect the leads. Hook up BombBomb to Zillow. Assign that list and that video email to the connection … and it runs for you.

You can even hook up a drip campaign instead of one video email autoresponder.

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Example: Automatic Video Email for Zillow Leads

Click the email to play the video.

ZIllow lead, lead conversion, video email, autoresponder, example, real estate, BombBomb

In this video, Peggy Lyn simply introduces herself and sets expectations.

An approximate script for you based on hers:

Hi, I’m (your name).
Thank you for connecting with me (online, through my website, on Zillow, etc).
I or one of my team members will be giving you a call shortly.
(Statement about specialization or expertise).
Thanks again.

The Speicher Group used a video intro and outro, plus some title graphics – it’s got some production to it. These are nice touches, but they’re optional and certainly not required. Notice how casual yet professional Peggy Lyn is in the bonus video email below.

For another script and another example, check out the Related Link toward the close of this post.


Bonus: Request for Zillow Reviews from Past Clients

Click the email to play the video.

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Here, Peggy Lyn asks “a quick favor” with a simple webcam video. It’s a nice, personal ask with a clear call to action. With a 3 to 5 minute effort, she added to her 60+ reviews on Zillow.

One nice thing about making this request with a video email is that the activation – the link click – is right there. It’s easy to do and takes the client to the exact place they need to be. Think about how much effective this is than asking over the phone or in person. Your client has to remember to do it, remember which site to use, try to find you, etc.

Check out the Related Link below for more examples of how to generate more online reviews with simple videos.


Thank You

A big BombBomb thank you to Chris and Peggy Lyn Speicher for making BombBomb part of how they convert their leads, grow their business, and maintain client relationships. And thanks, too, for allowing us to share these examples!


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