The WOW Experience: Doing What Others Won’t

Last Updated August 1st, 2022

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There’s an expansive amount of technology available that’s more powerful and less expensive than ever before. And each year, new tech is released, surpassing people’s expectations on a global scale. Likely, ten years from now, the innovation will far exceed what we believe to be possible today.

The opportunities and applications are endless. However, even with what’s available, the tech and tools available are still underused when it comes to enhancing the customer experience.

Today’s guest, Corey Shelton, SVP of Marketing at Atlantic Coast Mortgage, knows we should leverage the technology we already have to improve our customer experience. And today, he guides us through a system that outlines how to gather data that can be shaped into actionable insights from a direct human perspective to guide more and better use of our tech stack.

With expertise in web development and marketing and with experience as both an entrepreneur and SVP of Marketing, he’s become invested in helping to influence the next generation mortgage lender. With a deep dedication to serving clients, Corey offers invaluable insights into leveraging tech to streamline processes that put customers first.

Corey also shares his thoughts on creating customers for life, scaling human experiences, and how to create a “WOW” customer experience by doing “What Others Won’t.”

Fun fact: I misunderstood him the first time he mentioned it – I heard “What Others Want.” Also fun: both acronyms work!

In this conversation, you’ll also hear:

How brand and customer experience are intertwined
When to use technology to help scale our customer experience
Why it’s often more valuable to know what our customers do not want from us
How to properly blend tech and humans to improve the customer experience
What it means to understand data in marketing



The WOW Experience: Doing What Others Won’t

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Listen to “214. The WOW Experience: Doing What Others Won’t w/ Corey Shelton” on Spreaker.



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Video Highlights: The WOW Experience: Doing What Others Won’t

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion with Corey Shelton


1. Customer Experience is a Feeling



2. Do What Others Won’t do to Deliver WOW Experiences



3. Creating Customers for Life



4. Equipping Internally to Succeed Externally



5. Leveraging Tech to Scale Human Experiences


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