Why Your Facebook Page Should Focus on Community First & Real Estate Second

Last Updated June 11th, 2018

I’m sure you’ve heard again and again the importance of being a presence in your community. Building community is often talked about as additional content you create in your business. Jason Farris has a different strategy. We recently had Jason, the Owner/Broker of FresYes Realty, join us on the BombCast. Jason says the best approach is to put community first and real estate SECOND.

When first starting his career in real estate, Jason made the long-term commitment to this “community first” marketing strategy. By starting off with a focus on community, he set himself up for success. He now has over 25k followers on his FresYes Facebook page and he posts mix of community and real estate content . Here are some simple steps on starting this Community First Marketing Strategy.

Step 1 Start a Facebook Community Page with Your Personal Brand

Though it’s never too late to do these things, this is a step you should take at the same time as starting your business. Once you figure out your personal brand, you can begin a blog and work on a Facebook community page. On your blog you can post content and videos on the community. You can then share those posts on your Facebook page! The goal with this page is to establish yourself as a community expert. People will see you’re a realtor that cares about the area.

Here are some tips on personal branding to get you started:
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Step 2 Post Stories About the Community AND Your Business

If you ask your followers if they’d rather have real estate information OR fun stories about people and their community, I can guarantee they’ll pick the stories. Jason realized this right away as he created a community Facebook page. He said people always reacted better to the stories than they did real estate information.

Jason did share with us a hard point he hit during his career. People knew who he was, but they knew him as the “FresYes” guy and not a great realtor. Some people had no idea he was a real estate agent. At this point he changed the Facebook page name from “FresYes” to “FresYes Realty” and began to sprinkle more real estate information into his posts. The key is to differentiate yourself by combining stories and real estate.

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Step 3 Start Focusing on Engagement and Video

You can post about your community on your website and social platforms but you also need to engage when the community interacts with those posts! Respond to every single comment you get – whether it’s a simple “thank you” or a whole paragraph. In order to start engaging with the community, you need them to engage too!

There are 2 big things you can do to increase engagement: ask questions and post videos. Jason explained during the BombCast how people have changed and our marketing has to change too. People are busy and limited on time. Quick videos keep them from having to sit down and read a whole article.  He recommends always including subtitles with your videos. Subtitles allow people to watch videos in public without their audio on. We need to cater to people by giving them easy content.

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