Why Video Email Works for Real Estate Brokers and Agents

July 27th, 2012

Real estate, mortgage, and title professionals across the country (49 of the 50 United States, plus DC) and around the world (9 countries on 5 continents) are using the BombBomb video email marketing software to build relationships and grow their businesses.

Video email is a great tool for truly connecting with people.  Brokers are using it to recruit and retain agents, provide training and support, share important updates, extend event invitations, and more. Agents are using it to convert new leads, keep buyers and sellers up to date throughout the process, say in touch with clients, promote new listings, and reach out to their colleagues.

Here are 3 videos about why video email works for real estate brokers and agents.

Why Video Email for Real Estate Professionals – Intro:


The two videos below were shot during our visit to the Xplode Conferencein Birmingham, Alabama. The conference is about real estate marketing, technology, and productivity

The first is from the first of two presentation from Jeff Lobb, who speaks frequently from the edge of the latest real estate marketing and technology. The second is from the “Broker Tech Panel.”

Jeff Lobb, Exit Realty, VP of Technology and Innovation:

Jeff argues that video email helps put the “you” back into your marketing and explains why he favors the BombBomb video email marketing software. A few quotes from this video:

(On marketing yourself) “What do customers buy into when they hire you? … They buy you. The personality of you. The confidence in you. You sell you all day long.”

(On his technology recommendation role) “My job is to find the best, the most user friendly, the most cost-effective way to do it.”

(On how to use video email) “Giving them education. Giving them a reason to talk to you. Maybe sending a copy of a contract. Just you and them, one on one.”

(On video email’s purpose) “Now I’ve accomplished taking email – same old, same old – and now putting me, the ‘me’ part of that, back into real estate.”

(On email marketing) “Email is necessary. Drip campaigns are part of a system you need.”

Jim Thornton, Exit Realty, Qualifying Broker and Owner:

Jim explains why he uses video marketing and describes a specific real estate use case for video email. A few quotes from this video:

“I’m a big believer in video marketing. It’s a good way for you to get your face in front of your clients.”

“If they’ve never seen you … (it gives them the) opportunity to see your face, hear your voice, so you have a connection.”

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