When to Send Videos Across the Customer Lifecycle

Last Updated May 2nd, 2020

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When we talk about the “customer lifecycle,” we’re talking about all the time and all the touches from initial prospect awareness through a long, healthy customer relationship that’s sustained in a perpetual growth loop. Across that lifecycle, we’re clicking “Send,” our team members are clicking “Send,” and our systems are sending messages on our behalf. How about adding video to the mix?

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Review these messages and identify those that would be better if they included a video. Of course, you’d be looking to make a better personal connection, to manage emotion and tone, and to make detail or complexity digestible. And, as already mentioned, once you and your team start using video messages, you’ll immediately start to see more ways to use them.

The Customer Lifecycle

Let’s take a look at the customer lifecycle, following this bow-tie funnel.

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The purchase, transaction, or commitment happens in the middle (Commit). Generally speaking, marketing and sales are on the left side (Acquisition). On the right, you have customer success and account management (Expansion).

If you’re in a smaller organization, one person may cover many or even all of these touchpoints and stages.

If you’re in a larger organization, you may have an entire team of people dedicated to one aspect of one stage alone.

Depending on your strategy, these steps may be automated, truly personal, or a blend of both. You’ll lean more automated for higher-volume, lower-cost products and services with shorter sales cycles. You’ll lean more personal for lower-volume, higher-cost products and services with longer sales cycles.

Want to Learn How to Incorporate Video Across the Customer Lifecycle?

To get you started, we have specific ideas for video messages across the customer lifecycle. Access them in the excerpt below from our Video Adoption Guide.

Once you and your team start using video messages, you’ll immediately start to see more ways to use them.

In this download, you’ll learn just how to incorporate video messaging at each stage of the customer lifecycle in detail:

And everything in between…

It’ll also walk you through the challenges you’ll face at each stage and provide step-by-step guidance and strategies for successful video adoption.

Get the excerpt below…

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Get the “When to Send Videos Across the Customer Lifecycle” section from The Video Adoption Guide

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