Webinar Recording: Advanced How-To – Custom Forms, Drip Campaigns, More

Last Updated December 10th, 2013

This is our recording from October 2013 of the Advanced How-To session, in which we cover the Forms and Drips tabs, as well as other advanced features of the BombBomb video email marketing software.

In addition to several special training sessions BombBomb provides, we offer four core video email training webinars live every month:

    • Welcome & Orientation: So You Just Joined BombBomb … Now What!?
    • Intro How-To: Getting Started with Video Email
    • Advanced How-To: Getting the Most from Video Email
    • Mobile App How-To: Sending Video Email from iOS & Android

Advanced How-To: Video Email Training Webinar

Included in this advanced how-to session:
– Forms – creative ways to use lead capture forms, and how to build your own
– Drips – creative ways to use drip email campaigns, and how to build your own
– Social Sharing – leverage your time and get the best bang for your “buck” (sharing videos, emails, and/or forms to social networks)
– New Features (i.e. Quick Send options, mobile templates, build your own)

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