Video Tips: “Think of it Like Voicemail, but with Your Face”

Last Updated May 12th, 2015

You know you’d win more business by communicating and connecting through simple video messages. But you’re anxious, fearful, or uncomfortable.

Here: some video tips and examples to help!


I reached out to a handful of people who regularly use video to build relationships and grow business for their video tips.

Specifically, I asked for one or two tips for people who haven’t quite overcome their fear of recording and sending videos.

Online sales and marketing coach and trainer Mike Lyon with replied with this (sent via Gmail & BombBomb) …


Video Tips: “Think of it Like Voicemail, but with Your Face”



Top Video Tips from Mike

  • “Don’t overcomplicate it.”
  • “Think of it like voicemail, but with your face.”
  • “We don’t overcomplicate voicemail. We don’t overly prepare for voicemail. And even if we mess up a couple things, we don’t usually re-record voicemail.
  • “So do the same in video! Keep it simple. Don’t overcomplicate it.”
  • “Think about it like voicemail with your face and you’ll send a lot more.”
  • “The more you send, the more comfortable you get.”
  • The more comfortable you get, the more your customers will respond and engage.”
  • “It’s a fantastic tool.”


Two clear takeaways from Mike’s video tips:

It’s not a “production” and it needn’t be perfect. Sending video messages is as easy and casual as leaving voicemail.

You can build up confidence and momentum simply by doing it. So just get started.


Video Background: Mike Lyon

Mike defected from another video service that he’d used since 2008; he says BombBomb is “lightyears ahead.”

He sends 2 to 3 simple, personal videos every week.

He also reaches out to sales teams, webinar attendees, small trainings (more than 100 every month), and other larger groups.

“That has been huge for me. I always ask the audience ‘How many of you get a thank you video from the presenter?’ No one raises their hands.” Mike’s always the first.


Some of Mike’s favorite times to use simple video:

  • Thank you after an initial call or meeting (“This is big.”)
  • Thank you after speaking engagements
  • Personal introduction before a conference call to “put a face with the name” (often people are physically distant)
  • Video drip campaigns for training on new hires
  • Birthdays! (“People talk about this. You can get a million ‘Happy B-Days’ on Facebook but they remember the video the most.”)



Video Examples: Thank You and Training

Click on either of the email thumbnails below to watch the video.

Thank You Video

MIke Lyon, personal video, video email, BombBomb, thank you video, sending video, sending thank you video


Coaching or Training Video

coaching video, training video, video email, Mike Lyon, BombBomb, video example, personal video


Questions about the Video Examples

How better could Mike have connected with all the leadership of the office to say a simple, sincere, and fun thank you? Though possibly as sincere, 5 handwritten thank you notes isn’t nearly as fun, efficient, or effective as his video.

How much time did Mike spend typing out text to go with his messages? Very little. Nice clean email design with very little text. It’s all about his face, voice, personality, and expertise.

How long would it have taken Mike to share that rich, detailed feedback in the second video? Note: that video went on with another full minute of coaching and training.

Do you have anyone to say “thank you” to? Would video be a better way to say it? Yes and probably.

Do you spend time answering questions with typed out text that you don’t really want to type, that your recipient doesn’t really want to read, and that doesn’t fully communicate what you intend? Probably not.

Take these tips and put them into play! It’ll be easier, more fun, and more effective than you think. That’s what customers tell us, anyway.


Thanks Again to Mike Lyon

Mike Lyon and Do You Covert specialize in online sales and marketing for home builders and real estate professionals.

Click here to visit

A big BombBomb thank you to Mike for sharing his video tips and examples.


More Videos Tips – 26 Page Guide

Mike is one of many people who helped inform and inspire our 26 page guide “Overcome Your Fear and Start Winning with Video.” Click here to get the guide.

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