Video Tips: 5 Keys to Getting Comfortable on Camera

Last Updated October 4th, 2011

BombBomb‘s about building stronger relationships through improved communication.  We think video is a better way; it’s personal and powerful.  So, we’re constantly looking for ways to help you make better videos more easily at less expense.


To that end, we enlisted Bob Kaplitz, Senior VP of Content Marketing at AR&D, to provide a webinar – 5 Keys to Getting Comfortable on Camera.  He brings 30 years of experience coaching top television news anchors in cities all across the United States to the effort.


His video tips are surrounded by other valuable insights, bonus video tips, and great Q&A with BombBomb customers about their videos.  As you’re getting started with video email marketing, you should find this guidance useful.


What follows is:
>  the full webinar video
>  a breakdown of what you’ll learn at different points in the video
>  an invitation to get your video reviewed by Bob
>  an invitation to get your questions answered by Bob




Video Tips: 5 Keys to Getting Comfortable on Camera

00:00  Intro

01:30  Bob starts, defines content marketing

03:00  Expertise, viewer insights, viewer engagement

04:50  Why use video for marketing your product or service?

06:00  Speaking before crowd as number one fear, but you’re the anchor

10:00  Making answers to frequently asked questions the foundation or your video strategy

12:00  Sharing of authentic digital content

12:45  Video Tip 1 – Practice, 60 seconds per day on camera

14:30  Video Tip 2 – Show & Tell, takes the attention off you

16:45  Video Tip 3 – Tell a Story, be yourself, full range of expression

22:30  Video Tip 4 – Smile Power, stronger positive connection

26:10  Video Tip 5 – Avoid Perfection, authentic and real, mistakes are OK, script only key points

28:30 Recap of tips

29:00 Going beyond “getting comfortable,” bonus video tips: speaking to passion, framing shots, looking into camera

32:45 Start of Q&A

33:20 What is the best length of a video?

34:30 Should you make special offers inside the video?

36:30 Producing one video per week seems intimidating – any tips to get started with video?

40:30 Do I need to spend a lot of money on lighting and other equipment?

43:40 How can I feel less awkward being on camera?

46:15 If you can’t get your videos down to 1:00 or 1:30, what should you do?

48:15 How do I shoot an interview video?

50:15 Can you recommend any video editing software?

51:30 Does the recommended video length apply to an introductory or overview video for a business or organization?

53:30 What kind of background should I stand in front of when shooting my videos?

54:50 Is it better to be sitting or standing when shooting my videos?


As a webinar attendee, I found the Q&A especially engaging.  Bob agreed, so we plan host another webinar built of the following elements:

>  Reviews of your video before Bob’s coaching
>  Reviews of your video after you get Bob’s feedback
>  Answers to your specific questions
>  Another open Q&A session


Invitation to Get Help with Your Video:

Send your videos or your questions to Bob right now!  He’ll give you a simple review (like the one seen on this page) and answer your questions right away.  Then, he may fold that material into the next webinar (tentatively planned for Thursday, October 27 at 10am central time).


Send Bob Your Video and Your Questions:

Bob Kaplitz


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