7 Stories, Issue One: 7 Salespeople Talk Video Success

November 22nd, 2016

What does video success look like? When do you use video? How are sales professionals winning with video every day?

To draw out the answer with real stories from different people in different industries with different personalities and different video types, BombBomb introduces 7 Stories.

This new series of downloadable PDFs features quotes, lessons, tips, and – most importantly – videos from people just like you winning more sales opportunities every day with video sending and smarter follow up.

Learn more about the series and grab Issue One for yourself!


7 Stories Detailing Video Success

NOTE: this video comes from the November Update 2016 from BombBomb. Click here to see it.


In This Issue: 7 Sales Professionals Enjoying Video Success

In Issue One of 7 Stories, you’ll hear from …

Kelly Scruggs

Kelly, a real estate agent in Calgary, Alberta, explains how much more personal video communication is than plain, typed-out text. He also breaks down the main hurdle he had to overcome in order to achieve video success with his iPhone.

Click to play the video above 7 Stories to hear how Kelly knows that “perfect” video isn’t necessarily “better” video.


Sarah Stowell

Sarah, a real estate professional in Colorado Springs, Colorado (BombBomb’s hometown), shares specific touches she makes with video to generate more business from her existing database. Sarah also explains why people feel like they know her before they ever meet her.

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Get Issue One of 7 Stories to get video success tips to stay in touch from Sarah.


Kinny Landrum

Kinny, an automotive sales professional in Bowling Green, Kentucky, tells a lead conversion story about a customer who belonged to the dealer but not to a specific salesperson. Needless to say, video helped build the relationship. Kinny also talks time-blocking and lists out all the different video touches he makes to produce more sales.

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Download the first issue of 7 Stories to hear the lead and customer touches Kinny makes with video every day.


Samuel Leon

Sam, an entrepreneur from Sydney, Australia, brings big energy to his story of prospecting with phone calls, video emails, and BombBomb analytics. He talks replies and responses, open rates, and video success in general.

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Take a look at Issue One of 7 Stories to feel Sam’s energy and enthusiasm for video communication.


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In this issue, you’ll also hear from …


Josh Rogers

Josh, a real estate agent in Jacksonville, Florida, says to the BombBomb team “I’m your biggest fan and you’re making me a lot of money.” Josh lists all the prospect and customer touches he makes with simple one-to-one videos from his iPhone. He also talks drip automations for client education.

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Download 7 Stories Issue One to learn Josh’s secrets to video success.


Eric Peltier

Eric, a mortgage loan officer in Boulder, Colorado, explains how video emails are increasingly replacing many of his phone calls because they’re more convenient for him and for his prospects and clients. Eric also talks “thank you” videos and staying in front of past clients with video.

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Download Issue One of 7 Stories to learn about the convenience of video communication with Eric.


Kelly LeClair

Kelly, a real estate agent in San Clemente, California, is a video pro. She shares the types of scripted, produced, and polished videos she puts in BombBomb video emails, YouTube, social media, and her blog. Kelly also talks through her simple webcam video sending, for which she blocks time every Monday. She also talks analytics and provides great subject line tips.

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Download Issue One of 7 Stories to learn when and how Kelly benefits from professional videos and webcam videos.


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Thank you for taking the time to learn more about video success in your sales process. We hope you find these stories helpful.

Keep an eye out for Issue Two of 7 Stories, featuring 7 new people.


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