Automated, Yet Personal One-To-One Video Sending with Prompt

March 20th, 2017

Video sending on important days in the lives of the people who matter most to your business. It makes a much bigger impact than typed out or even handwritten messages, but it takes a huge amount of discipline.

You need the plan, the process, and the time. And even with the best intentions you often miss valuable opportunities.

That’s one of the reasons we built Prompt, a real estate email marketing system that’s conveniently automated, yet perfectly human.

Learn how Prompt’s One-To-One sending helps you stay in front of people on birthdays, home purchase anniversaries, work anniversaries, or any other date-based event.

Read time: 2 minutes, 10 seconds
Video length: 57 minutes, 20 seconds (webinar recording)
Takeaway: How the One-To-One sending engine saves you time and helps your business – and how to set it up


One-To-One Video Sending


The webinar above was delivered live on Friday, March 17, 2017. The core session runs about 30 minutes; it’s followed by Q&A with the live attendees.

Learn how Prompt’s One-To-One video sending engine works. See video examples. And learn how to set it up for automated, yet personal touches.


What You’ll Learn

1. How One-To-One Video Sending Works

In the webinar above, delivered by BombBomb team members Steve Pacinelli and Jason Sheffield, you’ll learn how One-To-One video sending fits in with Campaign sends and the Design Pack into a complete real estate email marketing system.

Each One-To-One send starts with a date-based event, like a birthday or a home purchase anniversary. Upload your clients names, email addresses, and the date. Record one evergreen video. Edit the subject line and email body, if you’d like.

Then, as every one of the events comes up, your video email is automatically sent.

Every week, you can see all the scheduled sends for the next two weeks out. If you see a high value client or close, personal friend, you can record a truly personal video in place of the evergreen video if you’d like.

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2. One-To-One Video Examples

See a few, fun examples that our customers are already sending for birthdays. Of course, this systematized approach makes video sending on special occasions easier than ever.

In particular, notice how an evergreen video can still feel fun and even personal.

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3. Getting the Right Information

Don’t have the information you need for One-To-One video sending? No problem.

We’re populating a pre-made email and a pre-made form into all Prompt accounts so you can collect that information from your clients and colleagues.

Learn how to use them to get updated information.

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4. One-To-One Set Up and Workflow

From here, Steve and Jason go inside a BombBomb account with a Prompt subscription to show you exactly how to set up a One-To-One send for birthdays, home purchase anniversaries, and work anniversaries.


Learn More about Prompt

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