Top 10 Times Video Says It Better Than Typed-Out Text

Last Updated April 12th, 2017

Typed-out text can mislead.

Have you ever misread an email? Or been misunderstood in a text message?

Of course. We all have. And it’s because plain, typed-out text strips out all those rich, nonverbal cues our brains are wired to receive from one another.

And yet we’re entrusting some of our most important and most valuable messages to typed-out text every day.


Video says it better.

You’re not one in a million. You’re one of a kind. So, video helps you differentiate yourself in a way that text simply can’t.

Because it’s more personal and human, video helps you communicate, connect, and convert more effectively. You’re more clear in your intent and in your message because it’s more natural for you. And people who watch experience you in person.


In so many cases, video says it better than text.

But you shouldn’t always send a video. Often, typed-out messages are the right choice.

To help you identify the opportunities in which video is the right choice for your message, we delivered the “Top 10 Times Video Says It Better Than Typed-Out Text.”

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Webinar: Top 10 Times Video Says It Better Than Typed-Out Text

The webinar embedded above for you was delivered live on Thursday, March 16, 2017 by BombBomb team members Steve Pacinelli and Ethan Beute.

The core session runs 1 hour. The recording concludes with 22 minutes of Q&A.


5 Ways Video Makes You Better

Near the start of the webinar, you’ll learn about the 5 ways that video makes you better.

This section starts at the 4 minute mark.

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Top 10 Times Video Says It Better

1. Lead Response

Hear about how video gives you a foot in the door and opens opportunities. See two examples. And learn the benefits of working a compliment into your video message.

This section starts at 7 minutes, 20 seconds.


2. Lead Nurturing

See a one-to-one example (made just for one, specific person) and see a one-to-many example (made for many people). And get three tips to make your one-to-many videos feel more personal.

This section starts at 16 minutes, 40 seconds.


3. Process Update

See a simple example and get a basic formula for updating people in video messages.

This section starts at 20 minutes, 55 seconds.


4. Great to Meet You

Learn how to accelerate value exchange in your new relationships with your webcam or smartphone. See one great example modeling a tactic you can employ after any trade show, networking event, or chance encounter.

This section starts at 25 minutes, 40 seconds.


5. Holidays and Special Occasions

See three examples and learn about the wonderful response shown below that came as a reply to one of the examples.

This section starts at 28 minutes, 30 seconds.

video email, video greeting, video reply, happy birthday video, BombBomb video


6. Bad News or Apology

Learn about how our minds process bad news and why video email is the ideal vehicle to share it. And see an example with serious consequences for the recipient of the video message.

This section starts at 36 minute, 45 seconds.


7. Checking In

Learn how checking in helps you convert leads, generate repeat and referral business, and improve customer experience. See two examples an get 6 types of check ins that you might use.

This section starts at 42 minutes, 50 seconds.


8. Internal Communication

Improved communication, connection, and conversion isn’t just for prospects and customers. Learn to turn your focus inward to team members, keep everyone on the same page, and improve culture. And see one example.

This section starts at 44 minutes, 30 seconds.


9. Invitation

Whether it’s a client appreciation event, a fundraiser, a training class, a webinar, or any other type of event, video helps promise the value and convey the excitement and the text delivers the details. See one great example and get tips for better invitations and better follow up with registrants and non-registrants.

This section starts at 46 minutes, 30 seconds.


10. Thank You

Learn about Steve’s new journal, see three Thank You video examples, and learn about the many and varied benefits of gratitude!

Saying “thank you” to more people more often in a more human way will change your business and change your life.

This section starts at 49 minutes, 50 seconds.

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The question and answer section starts at 1 hour, 13 seconds. Steve and Ethan field questions of all kinds about making videos, using BombBomb, and more – including …

  • Using a whiteboard with someone’s name on it
  • Setting up landing pages with BombBomb (with videos and forms)
  • Making and sending email newsletters with video
  • Improving subject lines to increase open rates
  • Overcoming your shyness on camera
  • Making your video the right length
  • Creating a video email signature
  • Getting better engagement rates in emails


Bonus Materials

After Steve discusses a research project on text email and video email by a team at Harvard Business School, he offers several bonus materials:

  • Video Examples from This Webinar (Watch them again!)
  • Top 10 Times Video Beats Text (PDF)
  • Preliminary Findings by the Team from Harvard Business School (PDF)
  • Salesperson’s Guide to Video Cameras (PDF)

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Ethan Beute | About The Author

Chief Evangelist at BombBomb, host of The Customer Experience Podcast, and Wall Street Journal bestselling co-author of Human-Centered Communication and Rehumanize Your Business, Ethan Beute collects and tells stories of clearer communication, human connection, and higher conversion through simple, personal video messages. BA: University of Michigan. MBA: University of Colorado-Colorado Springs.

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