Increase Face to Face Communication: Ask for a Video Reply

June 8th, 2016

As a visitor to the BombBomb blog, you likely understand the advantages of sending video messages.

  • You save time by talking instead of typing.
  • You improve the quality of your communication.
  • You make human connection and deeper impact.

Did you know, though, that people can send you a video reply – even if they’re not BombBomb customers?

It’s true!

Our “Reply with Video” feature increases face to face communication by allowing people to send video back to you.

How to set it up – and how it works for you and the people who send a video reply …


3 Ways to Set Up Your BombBomb Send for a Video Reply

Collecting a customer testimonial video. Getting to know a potential new hire. Hearing back in a more human way from a prospect, client, or colleague.

There are so many ways to win with a video reply.

Before each send, think about your opportunity to get one or more of them. If you want one, ask for one – in the video and in the text.

Tell them what you need or want – and how to get it done. Make it easy and obvious.


1. As a text or button link.

This is the best way to do it, because it’s so clear and obvious. But it takes a little more effort than options 2 or 3 (below).

When composing your email, add text or a button asking for the video reply.

Then go to the variable data box – click the little “ab” button, go to “General,” then click “Video Reply URL.”

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The #video_reply_url# will drop into your text box. Select it and “cut.” Then select your text or image and click the “link” button.

Paste that Video Reply URL variable into the link box.

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From there, style the link as desired and send the email or video email. People who receive your email can click that link to activate “Reply with Video.”

Note: once you’re familiar with the Video Reply URL, you may just be able to type it in, rather than get it, cut it, and paste it.


2. Add “Reply with Video” to the top of your email.

In the Composer, click “Options.” Then check the “Reply with Video” box.

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When people receive your email, the “Reply with Video” link appears at the top of your email.

If you use this method, then, refer to the “Reply with Video” text link at the top of this email (you can even point up).

BombBomb, newsletter, reply with video, video reply, email link, text link


3. Use the “Essential Quick Send” email design for Quick Send and mobile.

In your BombBomb account, click the “Send” button in the upper right. Then click “Options.”

Choose “Essential Quick Send” from the list of email designs, then “Save Settings as Default.”

Until you change that design, every Quick Send and mobile send will go in a design that automatically includes a “Reply with Video” link.

Note: that design pulls automatically from your profile your logo, headshot, and contact information. So be sure to “Edit My Profile” in your account.

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Video Reply from Laptop or Desktop

So, what happens when someone receives your email or video email with an opportunity to send a video reply?

On a laptop or desktop computer, we’ll activate his or her webcam when they click your “Reply with Video” link added through any of the options described above.

He or she will approve use of their webcam by clicking “Allow,” then be welcomed to record! Again – you don’t have to be a BombBomb customer to send a video reply.

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They’ll use the same BombBomb video recorder you use in Gmail, Quick Send, the main online app, and elsewhere. It counts him or her down, records their video, and offers them a chance to re-record or to save.

Once they save their video, they click “Send” and they’re done. We’ll give them a confirmation of the video reply send.

video reply, reply with video, video email, BombBomb video


Video Reply from Mobile

On a smartphone or tablet, someone can send you a video reply captured with the mobile camera.

First, of course, he or she receives your email or video email.

iPhone email, video email, BombBomb email, mobile email, mobile video


When he or she clicks your “Reply with Video” link (whether above, below, or in the middle of your email), we take over the camera.

mobile video, video reply, video recorder, BombBomb video, video email


The touch activates the mobile video camera. He or she can record, save, and send as described above.

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The Video Reply in Your Inbox – and in Your BombBomb Account

When someone saves and sends a video reply …

  • It gets sent to your “from” email address
  • It gets sent in your default Quick Send email design (here: the plain “Quick Send Template”)
  • It comes with the recipient’s email address.
  • It comes with a Re: and your original subject line.
  • It comes with an animated preview of the video reply.
  • It gets added to the “Videos” tab in your BombBomb account.

Arrival in your inbox …

video reply, BombBomb video, video email, BombBomb, reply with video, video communication


The video reply email …

video reply, reply with video, BombBomb video, video email, video in email


The video in your “Videos” tab …

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Note: once the video is in your account, you can:

  • Add it to a video email and send it
  • Add it to a video email for an Automation
  • Share it to social media
  • Embed it in a website or blog

So, think again about customer testimonial videos and other videos you can collect with a video reply.


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