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Last Updated September 4th, 2012

We first learned about TEKSTartist when Gary Vaynerchuk gave him a shout out on Facebook a few months back. We looked at his commissioned artwork and immediately booked the first available date – September 1, 2012.


The name is a combination of “text” and, obviously, “artist.” When you see his work, you’ll understand why.


TEKSTartist Video for BombBomb:



NOTE: if you’d like to commission a piece, visit this page and use the promo code “bombbomb” – you’ll get 25% off – good through 12/31/12.


ALSO NOTE: the text is based on our company’s core values, which you can see right here.


In addition to creating a unique piece based on any text you request, he also shoots a making-of video and provides that as part of the deliverables. Honestly, this was the key to tipping our purchase decisions.


Visit our day on the TEKStartist calendar by clicking right here.


Why Video Marketing for Artists


Video marketing is a very smart play for an artist. Once we received it, we may have shot a photo of our finished, commissioned piece, then shared it out on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. Absent that, though, the only way people could see and enjoy it would be to physically visit our office, where it will proudly hang.


By adding video to his marketing strategy, as well as to his product/service offering, TEKSTartist’s work is immediately more shareable, more dynamic, and more attractive. ┬áIt assures a wider audience for the work.


Better yet, the videos are very, very good in both quality and watchability. They’re specifically edited to a cut of music. He often throws in fun bonus touches like trying to light the BombBomb wick (see video above).


For an artist, video also provides a layer of transparency to the process. It’s a making-of or behind-the-scenes look at what would otherwise only be experienced as a completed piece of art.


How The Videos Are Shot


I swapped emails with TEKSTartist to ask about his process for video. It’s so important to him, that he upgraded his workspace, camera, and lighting. “For a while, I used a low end Kodak handheld camera mounted on a lamp like this (with the magnification glass removed). It got the job done, but I was not happy with the quality.”


So what does his process include now? He uses a Sony Handycam like this one mounted on a Manfrotto tripod. “I block out all the windows in the studio and bounce some really bright (and extremely hot) lights off the ceiling to provide consistent lighting throughout the process.”


So the workspace and workflow are designed specifically to support video as a key piece of the marketing and of the service itself.


How the Videos Are Finished


TEKSTartist shoots the videos in high definition and at full motion, then manipulates the speed in editing. The video is edited to a track from Pretty Lights, who gives away all his music free.


The raw video, then, is just the artwork and his arm – captured completely in real time. To make the edits, he uses Final Cut Pro. This is where the speed of the video is manipulated, the graphics and animation are added, and other video styling is done.


The result is a smart, watchable :30 of video that benefits both himself and his clients – a clever use of video marketing that makes the work more dynamic and more shareable.



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