Video Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2019

Last Updated December 14th, 2018

It never hurts to review your past strategies before the new year. As you review all your marketing efforts and make plans for 2019, you can keep this list in mind! It’s going to be important to avoid these video marketing mistakes to stay ahead of your competition. If you’re planning to start video marketing this upcoming year, this will help give you ideas and steer you away from common errors.

1 Only Focusing On One Social Platform

One mistake we see people making is only posting video content to one channel. Are you making killer videos and then only posting them to YouTube? That is a waste of content! Reformat or edit and post your videos to every social platform that lets you post video. Even LinkedIn updated their platform in 2018, allowing people and businesses to post video in their feed. Don’t waste all the social media opportunities and “free real estate”.

Here is a great article to get you started with LinkedIn video: Building Your Video Strategy on LinkedIn

2 Ignoring the Platforms That Aren’t As Popular Yet

You can’t ignore Facebook Highlights and IGTV! I’ve been guilty of forgetting about Facebook Highlights but we’re all starting to see them more and more at the top of our feeds. Not everyone is utilizing Facebook Highlights so there is not a ton of competition. Some would even say it’s like wasting free advertising by not posting there!

One key thing to remember is that your Facebook Highlights can only be 20 seconds long. Your shortest form video content can go here – as long as it’s formatted correctly!

IGTV is like an interesting blend of YouTube and Instagram Stories. Your videos can’t be over 10 minutes (unless you’re a verified account) but they should be longer than 20 seconds. IGTV may not be as popular as Instagram stories but it’s getting there. It’s the perfect platform for longer content such as daily vlogs – which is how we use it here at BombBomb.

When you post a video to IGTV, you can link to the video in your Instagram Stories – which is a great way to promote your new longer videos! This platform has so much potential and it’s important to get started now, before your competition. You’ll thank yourself in the long run.

3 Only Posting iPhone Videos OR Only Posting High Quality Videos

Our Real Estate Video Influencer, Christophe Choo, taught us that you need both iPhone videos and well produced videos to really stand out from the crowd. Sure you can be successful doing one of the other but if you really want to be the video expert in your field (or if you’re a realtor who wants to be highly considered for a Real Estate Video Influencer award) you need to learn to do both! You can portray your professionalism through your high quality videos and you can help people to connect with you through simple video.

Need some gear tips to help you get started in a new area of video? Check out our Video Gear Gift Guide to get some great gear ideas.

4  Not Utilizing Your Pillar Content Videos to Create Micro Video Content

Gary Vee is all about this strategy. When you have a big pillar piece of content such as a long video, you need to create micro content such as shorter videos. You can format the shorter videos for your Instagram, you Instagram Stories, your Facebook Highlights, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. Everything is telling us we need to have tons of content and the only way to keep up is to be smart and break down our great pillar content.

It’s so easy to be lazy and just throw a video up everywhere without tweaking it to best fit each channel. It takes time but you’ll see better engagement and views when you format and edit your videos to best fit each social platform.

Last, before launching a new video content plan, take our Lazy Marketer Quiz to make sure you’re not making any of these detrimental mistakes:

Lazy Marketer Quiz


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