Real Estate Tech Coach: “Forget Video in Your Marketing”

Last Updated August 31st, 2014

Forget video in your marketing. Read those words again. How do they sound in your head?

Forget video in your marketing. Forget video in your marketing. Forget video in your marketing.

Watch this quick video from Chad Hyams to see and hear him say that phrase, because reading text off a screen or a page just isn’t the same experience as seeing and hearing those same words in full context.

Chad is a longtime friend of BombBomb; he’s been connecting with people through our video email platform for a few years now. He’s the Growth and Productivity Director of the Southeast Region for Keller Williams Realty, Inc, as well as a MAPS Technology Coach.

We reached out to ask him why real estate professionals should use video in their business. Here’s what Chad shared back …


Forget Video in Your Marketing?


Full context, full meaning

So, let’s put that into full context. Of course he doesn’t propose that you forget video. Rather, two thirds of the way through Chad proposes “Forget video in your marketing. You should be using video just for your communication.”

To his mind – and we agree – video is better used as a way to communicate with people than it is a way to “market” your product or service to people. As Chad explains, video allows people to understand your tone, your sarcasm, your humor – things that are often too subtle or easily misconstrued in text.

People can see your face and see what’s going on around you.

In short: video provides greater context and, therefore, more meaning.


Marketing vs communication

Chad draws a fine and important line. Of course, video can be a valuable add to both your marketing and communication strategies, but he’s absolutely right on in emphasizing that video’s ideal for personal, one-to-one communication. It provides richness and non-verbal communication that just can’t be delivered any other way.

And, again, reading those words in text just isn’t the same as seeing and hearing Chad say them in video.


Learning styles

In explaining why real estate professionals should use video to communicate with people, he runs down learning styles.

65% of people are visual learners and 30% are auditory learners. This means that nearly everyone relies primarily on sight or sound to process information efficiently and effectively.

Video communication capitalizes on both.


One to one

Chad also takes care to emphasize one to one messaging. This takes communication to the next level – to true connection.

Who can you reach out to through video? New leads. Active buyers or sellers. Past clients. Other agents. Really anyone.

As we’ve seen, you can dramatically improve customer experience from first touch through repeat business by improving the quality of communication and connection.


Why video email

As Chad says, “video will set you apart from everybody else in the industry that’s just sending emails.”

In closing, he succinctly brings it all together, “Add a video to your email and be the REALTOR® that gets remembered.”

You’re in a relationship- and referral-based business – and one that’s highly competitive. Using video email can help differentiate you from initial lead follow up through staying in touch with past clients.

You want to stand out. You want to build relationships. You want to stay top of mind.

Two things can help: 1) putting communication ahead of marketing and 2) adding video to your email.


Send Video Email

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