Video for Sales: Thinking, Fast and Slow

Last Updated August 5th, 2016


Video for sales can be seen through the lens of dual process theory. Really.

Some video to support your sales process should be done quickly – spontaneous and emotional. Less effort, more automatic.

Other video for sales should be done more slowly – scripted and produced. More effort,

Get a top takeaway from Daniel Kahneman‘s bestseller Thinking, Fast and Slow and learn how it can help you make better decisions about video in your sales cycle. Really.


Video for Sales: Thinking, Fast and Slow


Dual Process: Thinking, Fast and Slow

Psychologist, behavioral economist, and Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics winner Daniel Kahneman is expert in judgment and decision-making. In Thinking, Fast and Slow, he describes System 1 and System 2 thinking.

System 1 is fast. Unconscious, automatic, easy, and more emotional.

System 2 is slow. Conscious, labored, harder, and more logical.

Here’s a beautiful visualization by Big Arrow Group.

Thinking Fast and Slow, Kahneman, Big Arrow Group[From the blog post “Tortoise & Hare Marketing” by Tatiana Sturdza for BigArrowgroup]


Each of us employs both systems as needed. Often, the effort required dictates which we’re using at any given time. Kahneman, of course, breaks down the relationship between them in detail.


Know that as a salesperson, you should work to engage both systems with your prospects and clients. On average, they’re making decisions with System 1, but rationalizing those decisions with System 2.


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Video for Sales: Thinking, Fast and Slow

Just as we need both systems for our own decision making and just as we need to work with our prospects and clients to engage both systems, we can look at video in the sales process through the System 1 and System 2 lens.

Let’s call them Video Fast and Video Slow. They’re both useful, but they’re not the same.


Video Fast is quick, simple, and conversational. You use your webcam, smartphone, or tablet. You record and send all in one pass. You’re replacing some of your faceless, typed-out text communication with Video Fast.

It’s more conversational and effortless. If you’re a BombBomb customer, this may involve Gmail, Quick Send, or the mobile app.


Video Slow is scripted, produced, and polished. You use a camcorder or DSLR – or even hire out the entire production. You set up and light the scenes, record the shots you need, then edit it all together. You’re using video in a more traditional way.

It’s more conscious and laborious. If you’re a BombBomb customer, this is an upload or a drag and drop into the new Composer.


Different messages call for Video Fast and Video Slow. In general, a larger audience or a longer shelf life might call for the slower process.

Unlike Systems 1 and 2 for decision making, you might not move between the two video styles. You may exclusively use Fast or Slow. Both, however, provide opportunities that you shouldn’t miss.


It’s also worth noting that the binary treatment here is oversimplified. We have customers shooting exclusively on mobile, then editing in-phone and uploading through the BombBomb iPhone or Android app. Not fully “fast,” but definitely not “slow.” Use this concept as a lens, rather than as a hard rule.


Also know that there’s an inversion taking place that assigns greater trust to simpler photos and videos. Read more on the Shiny/Authenticity Inversion here.


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