Video for Marketing vs Video for Relationships

Last Updated February 23rd, 2015

Video for marketing is different than video for relationships. Even expert video marketers are missing an opportunity to build connection using the same medium with which they’re already comfortable. And those with no video experience can get up and running quickly.

Relationships Through Video (RTV) is about getting face to face with more people more often. It’s about being there in person when you can’t be there in person. It’s about people feeling like they know you before they even meet you.

RTV is powerful. And the best part: it’s simple. You need no video expertise to get started.

Steve Pacinelli explains …

Video for Marketing vs Video for Relationships


The goal here is simply to introduce a different approach to video and to encourage a shift in mindset to accommodate RTV.



MTV, or Marketing Through Video, is what most people think about when they think about using video in their business. Most examples held up in presentations, blogs posts, and case studies fall into this giant bucket.

MTV is absolutely recommended. Video is a very powerful medium and brings so much of your digital marketing to life in a way that no other medium can. But it’s not the only one approach to video.

Critical to long term success through repeat and referral business, though, RTV is often a missed opportunity for so many video marketers. Where MTV tends to impress, RTV tends to connect.

We each have so many people in our lives directly and indirectly responsible for our success. The opportunity to use video to communicate with these people day in and day out is significant.

Both approaches are useful and necessary. Both have several roles to play. But they’re different roles.


Lead Generation vs Lead Nurturing

Another way to think about the difference is in the idea that MTV is largely (but not exclusively) about lead generation. You put it out in websites, blog posts, social media, landing pages, and other channels.

RTV is largely about lead follow up, nurturing, and conversion. It’s about repeat and referral business. It’s about partnerships, teamwork, and project management.

It’s about simple personal touches before and after meetings or phone calls. It’s popping in face to face just to check in or to say thank you.


Anonymous vs Known Viewers

Another point of differentiation is that in most cases, you don’t know your video viewers prior to producing for MTV. You can certainly collect data about them and they may ultimately be revealed to you at a point of conversion. But when they click play, you tend not to know them.

This means the MTV video production is based on an approximate, rather than known, circumstance. It’s about buyer persona, rather than a specific person or group of people.

With RTV, you’re most often sending to a known viewer or into a known circumstance. And when you send video in a BombBomb email, you know exactly when they play it, how many times they play it, and more. Easily. Immediately. By individual.

Even more important, though, is that the content of your RTV communication (it’s not a “production”) is based on what you know about the person or people for whom you’re making the video. Perhaps you just got off the phone or out of a meeting with him or her. Perhaps you did business with him or her a year ago.

This makes an RTV video more timely and shorter-lived. It’s relevant right now.


In Conclusion

If you’ve not yet started using video in your marketing or communication, a great place to start is RTV. It’s quick, simple, and powerful. You don’t need a script and you can use a device you already own to begin … a webcam, iPhone, iPad, or Android.

If you’re already using video, consider the opportunity that RTV presents. Along with a more substantial “video production,” fold in simpler, more targeted touches. It’ll change the way you connect and communicate with people.


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