The “Why” Behind a Video First Real Estate Team

Last Updated February 23rd, 2018

That’s how we do it around here!

Video first real estate coach Tom Ferry uses this phrase to capture the concept of company culture. It’s all about norms and standards. There are lots of ways to get something done, but around here … this is how we do it. And strong culture produces strong recruiting, retention, and performance.

Justen Martin, Owner/Broker of iHomes Colorado in Westminster (and serving all of metro Denver) and Tom Ferry coaching client, has his entire team living out and even shouting “BombBomb … that’s how we do it around here!” (really – watch the video below).


And video is how they do it.

9.8% of the members of their BombBomb team account have recorded and sent more than 1,000 videos to their prospects and clients.

23.5% have sent more than 500 videos.
68.6% have sent more than 100 videos.
90.2% have sent more than 10 videos.
And of the five people with 0 or 1 video in their accounts, four have had their accounts open for fewer than four days.

It’s no wonder they’re planning to double their agent count and their team account size with BombBomb here in 2018.

How and why did they achieve such a video first culture? Here in this post, we’ll share tips, insights, and philosophies that have led to a video first real estate team culture within iHomes.

Spoiler: it’s about video’s ability to make prospects and clients truly feel their core values and about the ease and speed of video with BombBomb.


Video First – “That’s How We Do It Around Here”

I’ve built this post from several exchanges with Justen and the video leader among his team members, Maritza Escobar.

Here’s one of the videos he sent me about the how and why of a culture that puts video first.


Behind the Video First Culture

Creating Feeling

Culture is based on people. There’s no one-person culture,” says Justen in the video embedded above. “And the people here make the biggest difference in the way our clients feel.” From first touch through long-standing relationships with clients, the feeling of working with iHomes is the most important thing.

When he shared this sentiment with me, I was reminded of a wonderful Maya Angelou quote:

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Explaining to someone the iHomes real estate team’s core values of innovation, inspiration, and in it for you, then, isn’t nearly as important as having team members live them, bring them to live, and serve clients through them. Some of the ways their values are manifest in the client experience are “sincerity, honesty, care.”

For Justen and his team, “there’s no better way to show people that you deeply care than making sure that they feel it.”

And this is where video comes in.


Fighting Facelessness

Like Tom Ferry, Justen is highly attuned to the “epidemic of facelessness” that’s permeated our sales culture and our society at large. A couple years back, I delivered a TEDx talk on the topic. And the premise – that too much of our communication over the past couple decades has turned from face-to-face to plain, typed-out text – underlies most of our work here at BombBomb.

The high cost is reduced human connection and, as a consequence, missed opportunity.

“When you ask ‘What is the culture at iHomes Colorado?’ one of the things is that we’re definitely different,” says Justen. This differentiation plays into lead response, lead follow up, and client care before, during, and after the transaction. And this difference is driven by increased face-to-face communication.

To help people truly feel that iHomes and its team members are innovative, inspired, and in it for you, recording and sending simple, personal video messages is standard practice. “Video is going to be first and foremost a priority to us,” explains Justen.

Real estate has always been and should always remain a relationship and referral-based business. Therefore, differentiation and connection are two keys to success.

When you restore the messenger to the message, you restore the human connection.

“One of the reasons we’re so excited about building a culture around video is that it helps us communicate even more than just the words we’re saying,” explains Justen. “You can get right to what you stand for and your product.”

In Justen’s words shared in the video linked right here (click), this is because “video allows you to put out your body language and your tone so people can truly hear that your message is coming from a place of service and care.”


Overcoming Insecurity

What video advice does Justen offer?

“Be secure. Send out that message. Come from a place of what you stand for and why you exist and you’ll be successful.”

This captures the motivation behind his team’s video first culture: what you stand for and why you exist are your core values, your differentiating factors, and your emotional connectors.

But …

The opposite of secure, of course, is insecure. And the feelings of vulnerability and insecurity stop far too many people from recording and sending videos. We try to help with educational guides and webinars like those found here.

Ultimately, though, practice builds confidence and confidence builds success. The replies you receive after sending videos validates the effort and provides the necessary encouragement to keep going. So just send it.

Being recruited and onboarded into a video first culture with norms expectations, support, encouragement, and properly modeled video-sending behavior helps. I see this as a primary reason that more than two-thirds of the iHomes Colorado team has sent more than 100 videos each.


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Video First Team Culture in Practice

Remember the 9.8% of iHomes Colorado real estate team members who’ve sent more than 1,000 videos with BombBomb? Maritza Escobar leads the way.

A BombBomb team account member for just a year and a half, she’s already sent 1,868 videos.

“Everyone I collect an email address from gets a video email from me,” she says. Not a mass-blast video. A sincere, personal video message to put a face with the name.

Why? “So, whenever they reply to me or when they answer the phone, they already know who I am. They already know how I look. It just gives me that trust.” She’s not just another email signature or voicemail – Maritza’s now a real person.

Her quick video tip: “I try to keep them short. I try to keep them to the point. And I always invite them to call me or text me with any questions they might have.”

Here’s what Maritza shared with me for this post …


Video First with BombBomb

“Thank you BombBomb for helping us with our response rates and conversion rates and, more importantly, our service and review rates,” Justin says. “It’s the BombBomb that truly makes us stand out.”

Thanks to Justen and the entire iHomes Colorado real estate team for making us part of how you connect and communicate with people!

Click here to try BombBomb absolutely free for two weeks.

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Bonus Video Tips with Justen and Tom Ferry

Justen shared with me a video he recorded with Tom Ferry. It’s embedded with some notes here as a bonus!


Notes and Quotes from Tom

  • “We need to be thinking ‘video first marketing’ in everything that we do.”
  • “It’s so much more powerful to send a video than it is to send a text or an email and even, at times, direct messaging on Facebook.”
  • “What’s happened (with the epidemic of facelessness) is that we’re just barraged by content, by emails, by phone calls, by text messages, so when I see a face, when I see Justin’s smile and his eyes, then I’m immediately engaged.”
“If you want to be effective today, it’s video first marketing.”
  • For more on the 85% stat, click here
  • For more on the Facebook stat, click here



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