Does Video Email Work? [Case Study]

December 12th, 2013

David C Cook is a nonprofit organization dedicated to publishing and distributing leadership and discipleship resources. Here’s how David C Cook worked with BombBomb to increase donations for global missions.

The Test: Will Using Video Increase Email Marketing Performance?

The initial test was to verify the increase of recipient engagement and overall success of the campaign. Two emails would be sent out to two equal portions of a larger list. Email design, messaging, and CTA (Call-to-Action) would be identical. However, one email would have a video inserted into its design for testing.

The success of the test would be measured by:

  • Total amount of emails opened per send (Open Rate)
  • Total amount of links clicked within each type of email per send (Engagement after Open) 
  • Total donations generated per email send (ROI) 

The constants were:

  • Time and Date of send
  • Subject Line 
  • Design 
  • Content 
  • List Size and Type 

The variable was:

  • Video player within the email template

Traditional Email

Newsletter - No video

The first email measured was the traditional HTML email. This was done first to get a baseline for typical list response for a donation email from David C Cook. Overall, the test went well. For the list size, the donations appeared substantial.

Traditional Email

Video Email

Newsletter - With video

After the first email was measured for a baseline the video email measurement began. As you can see all metrics other than email opens were elevated. Video clearly improved the performance of the email campaign.

Video Email

Statistical Breakdown

Case Study Comparison

Summation of Statistics

In the end, BombBombs’ video email outperformed traditional HTML email marketing in the double digits or better. The dip in open rate for the video email was a result of the list segmentation before the test was started. David C Cook’s email recipient base responded very positively to the inclusion of video-in-email.

A big thanks  to David C Cook for allowing us to share this information.

Taking Video to the Inbox

BombBomb is an innovative company focused on providing our customers with full-featured video e-mail marketing services. Video email has been our focus from day one. Compared to traditional marketing channels, email provides an amazing return on investment. Adding video to email has been documented to increase click-thru’s by 100-200% and conversions by 50%.

BombBomb provides a full-featured service, complete with all the tools you expect, including: list management, video that plays in the inbox, web forms for data capture, free email templates, embeddable video player, social sharing, and comprehensive campaign statistics.

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