Video Training Series to Rehumanize Your Business

Last Updated March 5th, 2019

So often in business messages are misconstrued, fine print is unseen, and you’re unable to really solidify your point, costing you time and money that you rightfully deserve.

Relying on text based emails that often go ignored and unnoticed is a difficult way to stand out and succeed.

That’s why on Monday, March 11th, we will be unveiling three brand new training webinars that will give you practical tips on how to communicate more effectively, and close more deals with simple video email. We’re calling it, “The Rehumanize your Business Training Series.”

Video Training Series

The best part is – they’re absolutely free to watch. We’ll even provide bonus materials like video email scripts, outlines, educational PDFs, additional examples, and more.

We’re releasing each episode a few days apart, so you have plenty of time to watch them, implement some of the ideas, and engage with us and other community members in the commenting below the training videos!


Why You Want To Watch This All-New Video Training Series


The topics covered in our Rehumanize Your Business video training series include:


1.) Screen Recording Examples and Best Practices

Tune in on Monday, March 11th to learn…

  • WHY screen recording is such a great tool
  • WHAT types of messages would be best delivered through a screen recorded video
  • HOW to apply it to a big problem you face while communicating heavy information with your clients

Bonus Materials:

  • How to record your screen
  • Tips for better screen recordings
  • How to record your iPhone screen
  • Screen recording apps for Android


2.)  How to Get More Email Opens and Video Plays

Tune in Thursday, March 14th to learn…

  • HOW to craft compelling subject line, pre-headers, and email copy
  • WHAT exactly to say in your videos
  • WHY this process will work

The Bonus Materials Include:

  • A 4 Part Framework for Getting Attention
  • Curiosity, Compliments, and Other Ways To Make Your Videos Feel Personal
  • Why use BombBomb if I can send a video myself?


3.) How Personal Video Transforms Your Work and Your Results

Tune in Monday, March 18th to learn…

  • HOW three professionals from a variety of industries are using video to improve their communication
  • WHAT obstacles they faced first incorporating video into their workflow and what they did to overcome them
  • WHY using personal video has changed three professionals businesses for the better

Bonus Materials:

  • Extra tips from Sue, Mitchell, and Mauricio
  • Extra tips from Nicole, the founder of a marketing research agency
  • The Salesperson’s Guide to Video


If you’re not in the BombBomb database, but would like to join us for the series, simply enter your email below, and we will remind you each time an episode goes live.

Video Training Series

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